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By  perdix  |  29

If nobody cares about you, you might as well work and make some money.

With what you urned, um, I mean, earned, you can buy a person to care about you for a while. The rates vary based on the attractiveness of this employee and how you want them to show how they care for you.

  77taylah33  |  0

what about your mum, dad, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, cusins, work mates, friends, anyone that could give you a call? sorry to hear that op at least people on fml say happy birthday=), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!=)


It is a celebration of one's existence and the fact that they are here/ were born. It is a time where people can say how happy they are that you were born and that the day you were born is a day to be happy, hence happy birthday. So it would definitely suck since birthdays do mean quite a lot.


68, true BUT most people hear birthday and think 'gifts', 'cake' and 'party'. Sadly, I believe birthdays are stupid. Everyone gets so happy because their birthday is coming up but then disappointed because it isn't the happiest day in the world. You're another year older, so is someone else. Get over it.

  FFML_314  |  11

I enjoy celebrating my birthday, because not only do you get to receive gifts and spend time with family (because people do actually care about that stuff) but I know that it is one of the happiest days of my parents lives and also mine, because it's the day I was born. I know a lot of people hate birthdays, but I think saying that "getting excited about your birthday is stupid" is a bit harsh. I've been through too much to not be happy that I made it through another year. :D


I know, Aria. Now let me explain why /I/ dislike birthdays. My family would fight, I'd get yelled at or they'd remember my brother's birthday but not mine. Which is sad, we're twins. :P


Shot in the dark, but I'll guess 68, and OP both come from broken homes. That is, parents split up. Broken home kids tend to be the only ones who make a big deal about their own birthday

  mollieOdare  |  0

How am I lying to the world? I'm saying that her profile discription is just plain dumb. Oh and by the way I am a Texan as well. And I find it sad that so many people from other states believe everyone down here is a cowboy. I always wonder where they get this stupid crap, but now it all makes sense. Perhaps you took my original comment a different way then I meant it. Forgive me(: