By Hart - / Saturday 13 April 2019 12:00 / Australia - Lugarno
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  Phil  |  13

I've seen this happen before. If you don't enter your information in time your session times out. But you can usually just start over again no problem.

By  Leo Gort  |  8

Don’t know what you did but every time you enter new information the time resets so you should have just filled out you information instead of probably texting all your friends bragging you got great seats before you finished. I got my tix no problem

By  Sonotsuave  |  32

OMG that’s so funny because one of my favorite artists of all time is Elton John. I’m sorry that’s really frustrating, I’ve been in that type of online waiting game too but for other venues. Hope you can find a way to get tickets before they sell out or do something else really big!

By  bkwusa  |  15

On the bright side it could very possibly be that the only reason you got the great tickets was because everyone ahead of you who tried to get the same spots also got timed out! So you might have not really lost anything and were just being trolled by the ordering system.