By shakinmahbuttbutt - 12/01/2014 19:06 - United States

Today, it's been two weeks since my parents went crazy with their attempts to save on the water bill. Every time I want to take a shower, I have to ask them first. Let's just say I've had to resort to taking sponge baths in public bathrooms to keep my B.O. under control. FML
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Shakin your butt butt probably isn't going to help with your BO.

Omfgitsmia 15

Almost sounds like my mom these days. Maybe shower at a friends?


Omfgitsmia 15

Almost sounds like my mom these days. Maybe shower at a friends?

jazzy_123 20

Shower when they're not home..?

By the looks of it they would know if he turned the shower on for half a second let alone actually taking one.

Join a gym and shower there.

Offer to shower with your parents! Statistics show that sharing shower time greatly decreases water usage! I'm sure they'll appreciate how helpful you're being. Then they'll leave your ass alone.

You should get really smelly and then go stretch your arms up in front of them or give them a hug. Maybe they'll reevaluate their decision.

If I was OP, I would lock the bathroom door (if possible) or put a heavy object in front of the door and shower till my hearts content.

SuperMew 22

I think his parents are being mental. I understand wanting to cut out bills, but there has to be other things you could do without first? My parents went through some hard times and there were times when we had to cut out the treats to meet out needs. We cut junk food, cable, and cereal first before we cut the water.

OP should check their cable bill and make sure HBO or a movie channel weren't "suspiciously" added to the list.

maybe this is their genius way of making sure you can't get laid? Cheap birth control lol. Sorry for your pain OP

Shakin your butt butt probably isn't going to help with your BO.

If people don't get this, look at OP's name...

I don't know why you go thumbed down #3. Your comment made me laugh.

They probably didn't look at OP's name. It took me a moment.

Perhaps the air movement will disperse the smell

And the comment of the year award goes to... *drum roll* ITS #3!!!

Hey... the year just started!

Have you told them what you've been doing OP, because maybe they'll understand how extreme it's gotten...

caseyroyer 8

What's OP

original poster. the person who began this thread.

The person who wrote the FML. Not the person who began the thread.

#74, put you're phone/computer down, and throw it out the window. Along with the Whiskey bottle.

Is there a local YMCA, college dorm, or a gym you could shower at instead? That sucks though, op.

Everyone's insane it's to what degree that matters

Deodorant maybe?

Deodorant isn't the full solution.

It definitely isn't. But it will help!

Deodorant is an amazing solution. Of course you would have to use Old Spice though. UP TO 16HOURS OF PROTEEEECTIOONNN!!!! EVEN WHILE READING THIS COMMENT YOU CAN SMELLL ITTT!!!! PA PA PA PA PA POWERRR!!!

Deodorant. Use it.

Read my reply to 7.

How do we know that op isn't already using deodorant? Deodorant will only go so far. If you wear deodorant every day but don't shower, then it isn't going to work very well.

Axe isn't shower-in-a-can. I don't think that would go over well.

Get a gym membership and shower there.

That would kind of defeat the point of saving money...

The guy isnt trying to save money, the parents are. Assuming he is old enough to work, then he can pay for it himself.

thejewishfuhrer 17

When people misuse the word "literally" it drives me figuratively insane. What degree is that?

sounds like a smelly situation

What smells is your comment.

"Ooh, that smell Can't you smell that smell? Ooh, that smell The smell of death surrounds you" **The first and only time I watched the show "Extreme Cheapskate", there was a family of 4 that ALL shared the same bathtub water. By the time the last person bathed, the tub water was black. Let's hope the OP's parents don't get pointers from that show. I was so grossed out!

klovemachine 24

11, your comment is awesome, you win :)

Then why was it downvoted,#98? Hm?

klovemachine 24

Because people have no sense of humor :P fortunately, I have one :)