By Anonymous - 18/02/2012 00:58 - United States

Today, it's been one week since my demented grandma babysat my five-year-old daughter while my husband took me to a fancy restaurant. Now she's taken to screaming and calling me a "damn commie" whenever I discipline or say no to her. FML
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Why would you let your demented grandma babysit your kid? That's just asking for trouble....

flipfloperson 5

Get over it, you damn commie...


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olpally 32

The word "Damn" can be considered a curse word in this case, as it is a derogatory phrase her daughter is saying.. "damn commie" which is extremely offensive language

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olpally 32

I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or not with that comment, hence the reason I explained it was a curse word in this case.

Tweekz14 5

25-your picture goes with your comment! Haha

You know, if you think about it, the vague wording of this FML means it could be going either way. "Now my daughter calls me a commie whenever I discipline my daughter" "Now my grandma calls me a commie whenever I discipline my daughter" I'm going with the former, but still, it could actually go either way.

GottaCoconut 3

I don't know, nut it's hilarious making someone get asspained over some stupid bullshit, isn't it?

flipfloperson 5

Get over it, you damn commie...

Shut up, capitalist pig...

Kill the commie kill it with fire

Damn thing! *In Soviet Russia.....

Nothing wrong with some political prejudice. Teach 'em while their young, i say.

Damn Americans and they're fear of equality

AceArctic 4

My blood runs red... BEAUTIFUL COMMUNIST RED!

arcanevandal 0

Send her to the Gulag.

I believe he means Russian Work Camps.

Nope just imaginary(maybe real idk) old castle used as prison during world war3 at stupid modern warfare 2 game

el_chicharito_14 0

-_- not sure if trolling, or just plain stupid.^^^

Blackmail111 9

A Gulag is real and no it's not a giant old castle it's a huge work camp/prison for regular and criminally insane inmates.

#63 Actually a gulag, if my terminology is correct, was a generic term for a Russian prison where the Russian government kept political prisoners and traitors to Russia.

Blackmail111 9

A gulag was where anyone no matter traitor,politician or criminal was kept there to work to death. In other words it was like a detention centre.

I foresee many spoiled children in your future.

4-How did you determine that? There was nothing in the FML indicating that. How are you making such assumptions? Not trying to sound condescending, but I just want to know how you determined that.

23 - If she doesn't want the kids to scream and make a scene, she won't be able to say no...therefore her kids will get whatever they want; they'll be spoiled.

Hopes_Reprimand 6

Or she could find a more productive manner of dealing with her children.. such as dealing with the tantrums and foul language right from the start. Giving in isn't the only solution when you don't want your child to scream.

if I was ever flipping out in a store or something when I was a toddler my mom would just dot there and watch me and say, "are you done?" people looked at her like she was crazy, but it was effective in most cases

Why would you let your demented grandma babysit your kid? That's just asking for trouble....

just what I was gonna say

Yup, YDI.

She's fuckin' lucky the kid didn't get hurt or the grandma

Michael_92 20

I wouldn't let her go back there again.

mwrc8man94 1

Damage is done son.

dabomb1463 0

Who the hell lets they're demented grandma babysit they're child?

dabomb1463 0

Nobody likes a grammar Nazi

DKjazz 20

Nobody likes a grammar commie either. A, uh, grommie? Eh.

Au contraire, if nobody liked grammar Nazis, they would cease to exist. Making excuses for your blatant ignorance or flat out disregard for common, basic English usage is really distasteful.

I'm sure nobody likes aids but it doesn't just "cease to exist" if your logic were correct maybe the world would be a nicer place

59 - Actually he/she was right. Your comparison with aids on the other hand, was nonsense. A disease has nothing to do with people's opinion. If nobody (emphasis on nobody) would have liked grammar nazi's , then they would not have existed as the people that are now grammar nazi's wouldn't have chosen to be grammar nazi's. Because they didn't like those, because nobody would. Ergo, your argument is invalid.

TheClumsiest 0

so many big words..

bfsd42 20

67, your argument is flawed. Nobody likes an asshole but they still exist. People easily and often become something they don't like.

Michael_92 20

Kids say the craziest things nowadays.

Michael_92 20

I can feel this one getting thumbed to hell.

GoW_Chick 14

I agree with this comment, and let's face facts kids are getting worse because parenting just isn't the same anymore, you can do this or that, be their friend, you shouldn't spank your child instead put them in "timeout," don't yell at them because they need "positive" reinforcement blah blah blah bullshit.

Michael_92 20

@Ms.GoW... Yea that is totally true. I can't believe the way kids act. My kids might not learn to spell from me but they will learn to respect every person. Thats whats missing is respect; everyone thinks their better than everyone else. Just isn't the case.

@32 Right? I used to get beat with a wooden spoon. I cannot stand the way some children act.

Blackmail111 9

Beating your kid when they do something is a bad idea nowadays. If you hit them or yell at them, they'll do the same thing or something worse just to spite you. If you sit them down and tell them why it's wrong and the consequences it could cause then they'll listen to you.

emphasis on "could".

Michael_92 20

Your kids will only react that way if you let them. If you spank your kid and he reacts and tries to get back at you then spank him again and let him know that you can't act like that.

Blackmail111 9

If you keep spanking them then they will do things even worse because they'll start hating you. If I slapped you for littering you would retaliate and not learn anything. If I told you why it's wrong and what could happen then you'd probobaly think. That's the way I was raised and I know my rights and wrongs and I was able to make good decisions. .

61- I got beat with a metal spoon. 1UP!

Your comment makes me angry. Of course you shouldn't hit your kid! Positive reinforcement is a good thing! Time-outs are way more effective than giving them a spanking! Look at the facts: teenage crime has gone down a lot in recent years.

my brother got suspended at the age of 6 because my mom tried the "positive reinforcement" craps. after that she gave him a few good smacks on his bottom. been an Angel ever since

I feel sorry for the "demented grandma", why does she have to take care of a kid when someone should take care of her?

flockz 19

school is going to be fantastic for her.

12-OP's child will follow McCarthyism when she grows up.