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Today, it's been almost a week since I returned from my vacation to Ireland. Before I rarely drank. Now I'm pretty sure I'm an alcoholic. You might think I'm joking, but I've woken up hungover every day since I landed there. I basically paid to kill my liver and become AA's next poster child. FML
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So you're saying rather than take responsibility for your choices, you're blaming a stereotype to justify your problem?

You should have tried to put a limit on the amount of drinks you had.


You should have tried to put a limit on the amount of drinks you had.

I got drunk in Vegas and went to a club and danced with a couple chicks. Long story short my neck has bite marks and is bruised... I think I got attacked by vampires or girls who don't know how to do a hicky

A limit it good. But you don't become an alcoholic after a week. Having hangovers doesn't make you an alcoholic either. OP is being melodramatic

That, or OP could just MOVE to Ireland. Or Canada, come to think of it.

Looks more like a YDI than a FML.. your actions after all no one force you to drink alcohol.

so bloody right mate, every hangover is a total ydi

octinate 17

You're blaming Ireland on you becoming an alcoholic? Seriously???

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Seems like the Lock of the Irish I guess...

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Not an alcoholic because you drank. Because if you had hangovers, you didn't do it right

3, please don't pursue any profession in which you would have to give advice, especially not in alcoholism/drug abuse. You know what, just don't get a job at all.

53- Now that you mention it, it sounds like the rantings of a hobo.

So you're saying rather than take responsibility for your choices, you're blaming a stereotype to justify your problem?

Agreed. It was your decision, OP, to drink, was it not? YDI.

Oooooh trust me, its a very true stereotype

Just like to say that IM IRISH

Umm that's not at all what this FML is saying.

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You can't go to Ireland and expect NOT to get smashed...constantly.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yes. Yes, you can.

actually #4 is right. being from England I can safely say that it's an unwritten rule that if you go Ireland, you drink.

And being from Ireland, I can safely say it's an unwritten rule that if you don't want to drink nobody will bother you about it.

drinking and getting smashed are very different

damm it! a part of my life was a lie

I live in Dublin and it's safe to say I don't wake up hungover everyday.

I've lived in Ireland for seven years now, and I don't drink at all. That said, I have noticed that if the unsuspecting wander into an Irish pub, especially in a small town, the locals are so damn friendly and chatty that it's almost impossible to escape again. They'll just keep you talking for hours, and buy you drinks if you don't buy your own. >>

You don't have to drink if you go to Ireland. It's such a stereo type. Although #34 has a point, if you walk into a local, you will be bought drinks by locals at the bar, but thats just because the Irish are chatty, friendly people. I'm pretty sure every country has locals like that though. Especially in a small town. We're just up for the craic! (Craic meaning 'fun' not a type of drug)

I wish I had the money to go to Ireland along with Germany and Netherlands.

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Probably safe to say your an alcoholic and our country did not influence you

Luck of the Irish

#5, because it's totally lucky to develop a drinking problem as well as destroy your liver.

Read an Irish history book, we're aren't really that lucky...

i can really understand that people sometimes use alcohol to escape certain problems in life.i guess that what happened to you..again.I'm just guessing

You might be the next std posterchild #whathappennedlastnight

you're new here. ill help you out. take that "hashtag" shit and leave

pwnman 33

This isn't twitter, sir.

Or even Facebook. Hashtags are not welcome.

just BC u guys have a problem with them doesn't mean u need to put someone else down... personal I dislike them but it doesn't matter whether I do or don't people use them all the time get over it.

Alcoholism is when you drink alcohol to avoid feeling a negative emotion. It's used as a temporary distraction from an emotional problem. Unless you're drinking to do so, I don't think you're an alcoholic.

Or you could just like the feeling of being drunk. No need to lump together everyone who drinks.

Where did you get that definition from? O_o

He got it from Wikipedia, I also don't understand why I got thumbs down so much

Actually, alcoholism is defined as the inability to function or feel normal without alcohol in your system. The emotional problem thing is certainly true most of the time, but it doesn't define every alcoholic.

#9 I agree completely.

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58, and you'd also be wrong.

Just replace your liquor with liquorice, problem solved =D

Then you replace your alcoholism with diabetes!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

theres low fat licorice

AnOriginalName 19

Good thing fat content in food has anything to do with diabetes, 65! (Hint: diabetes is an inability to process glucose correctly.) (Bonus hint: licorice, in the red form, shouldn't contain any fat in the first place. It's basically processed sugar.)

Maybe 65 is those kind that believes only fat ppl can get diabetes.

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or you could mix liquor and liquorice :D

You know...there's such a thing as having self control and saying no...maybe you should do both...

RedPillSucks 31

as in "no self control"?