By stoprubbingitinmyface - 21/03/2015 21:59 - United States - Tacoma

Today, it's been a week since I was dumped. I planned to stay at my apartment, cry and eat chocolate in peace. My roommate decided to have loud sex with her boyfriend in the apartment. She refused to quiet down, saying "My body, my rules." FML
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"My half the rent check, my rules too"

ThatLobster 24

Just say "my body, my rules" back at her and stand in their room, or sit!


Great roommate you got there.. The least she could do is take your feelings in consideration and be a bit more quiet :/

anonymous100000 17

I would invite her parents over:)

You could go out with friends to get it off your mind and have fun maybe? But trying to cry and stuff your face works to.

Way to completely miss the point of the FML while still managing to judge the OP.

Im not judging im just stating its obvious shes not going to quiet down. May as well actually go out and be with her friends.

Don't get why it's judging, staying home and crying may be most people's first reaction, but getting out of the house to spend time with people who care about you can work wonders!

"My body, my rule" has nothing to do with having loud sex. Your roommate is not only inconsiderate but vulgar and pretty dumb.

But in this particular context, "My body, my rule" was not a good slogan.

I'm not sure why number#28 is being down voted I believe he was saying the fml ruined the slogan not #3s comment

It's incredibly inconsiderate but she does kinda have a point...

No she doesn't. It's a complete non-sequitur.

No she doesnt. What her roommate is doing is completely selfish.

brookiesawr 11

so her roommate isn't allowed to have awesome sex just because op got dumped? sometimes you can't be quiet.

Just shove the chocolate into her mouth and say "My hand, my rules."

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Ever heard the phrase "don't threaten me with a good time..."?

"My half the rent check, my rules too"

ThatLobster 24

Just say "my body, my rules" back at her and stand in their room, or sit!

That would be more awkward , watching them have sex .

It would be more awkward if the roommate didn't care if she was watching and continued to have sex

44 some people are into being watched

Right #7, because I'm sure her roommate left the door wide open or unlocked while having sex

And then tell her boyfriend if she's being that loud, then she's faking it.

I would sit in the room with them, and if they object, it's your body and you can sit it wherever you please.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Except that if they split the rent, it's not her room.

#16, she just said "in my apartment". For all you know they're banging everywhere: living room couch, both beds, i the shower, kitchen counter, etc. OP, I recommend you just leave, go get coffee or something.

TomeDr 24

Time to look for a new roommate.

u r such a drama queen !! y would u cry ?

#10: Just a guess, but I think it's because she got dumped. But what do I know? I only read the FML.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

#10 has a point here... Who actually plans to cry and eat chocolate? Ok, everybody needs a good cry every now and then, but planning on stuffing your face is just going to drive your dating stock into the dirt.

Crying over the end of a relationship does not mean she is a "drama queen." Plus, OP said it's only been a week. The fact that she's hurting means it's totally normal to cry.

Plus they could've been dating for years. In which case it's completely normal not to be over that in a week.