By Nothing Special - United States - Hixson
Today, it's been a week since I flew down to stay with my long distance boyfriend. We went on long walks on the shore, under the stars, and had an unforgettable picnic viewing the sunset. I just now received a message of screenshots displaying him attempting to hook up with another girl. FML
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By  WCARlover  |  34

Cheaters make my blood boil. I'm sorry OP, some people are good actors. On the bright side at least you will save money by not having to get him Christmas presents :D

By  LunaBlack666  |  23

As horrible and heartbreaking as finding this out is, at least you know now and once you go back home you can begin to heal and eventually find someone who deserves you and will appreciate you. Long distance doesn't always work, it's tough on both parties. but if he was this unhappy he should have just left instead of cheating on you.

  nonsensical  |  26

"He is not worth it" is five words...

  Colon_Man  |  17

I'm thinking in the sitcom sense.
A girl walks up to a guy and kisses his cheek.
Girlfriend's friends see it. Tell girlfriend. Girlfriend plans revenge.
Hilarity ensues.

Truth comes out.

Roll credits.

  Emirac  |  10

Yes, except OP didn't see the guy with another girl. She was forwarded a screenshot of him trying to hook up with another girl. Like I said, my brother never sexts me.

  Colon_Man  |  17

Girlfriend never sees, first hand.
And, to some people, "trying to hook up" means having coffee at an outdoor cafe with an unidentified woman (who turns out to be the sister).

By  LPac5295  |  27

Well I know someone who is newly single. Sorry to hear that OP. On the bright side you can find someone loyal now and possibly someone who lives closer to you too!