By bleach bleach bleach - / Sunday 22 December 2013 17:22 / United States - Las Vegas
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By  amburr17  |  6

Who would admit that lmao

  Ambient25  |  24

OK story time! Being in a Navy barracks, we actually had to share a 4 man room for our first 3 months. My roommates and I came back late from being out, albeit a bit drunk, and actually ran into our fourth roommate hunched on his back with his feet on the bed, trying it out. We asked him wtf he was doing, and he tried to convince us that it was natural....that it tasted like "roast beef"... The scary part is that DONCAF, the Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility, kicked him out of our job, and we later learned that he went HM (Hospital Corpsman) after they labeled him a "Sexual Deviant". Apparently when they interviewed his friends for the security clearance they came across very weird reports. Always nice to know now that someone labeled a deviant still has authority to put you under anesthetics....

  Ambient25  |  24

I should have mentioned this happened 5 years ago when we all shared the room. Checking his profile on FB, he just made HM3, which means he's still in, yet his FB is full of sock fetish photos....this is why I'm getting out.

  ptoka  |  19

43, sock fetish? Like a sock is better than the actual thing, or like Lamp Chops is going to blow him? I need to know, this could ruin a childhood favorite!!

  squidgy787  |  22

47, I had an ex whose best friend had a sock fetish. He didn't have a sexual desire for the sock itself. He equated it to anticipation of walking around in the dark with just socks on his feet. The anticipation, he said, was knowing he could potentially step in a melted ice cube puddle, on a Lego, etc. It had to do with sensory arousal mixed with the aforementioned anticipation. I guess it titilated him. Toe socks freaked him out though.

  Odis12  |  11

Research shows that only 2 percent of men can successfully accomplish the feat of reaching, and only half of that two percent can go any further than simply the tip. So if your father could, by chance do this, then he is a very rare and talented specimen. Though anyone who calls this wrong must have a problem with Masturbation.


@3, there was an episode of Nip/Tuck addressing it. I didn't think it was possible until I watched that. (I know it's just TV, but the actor spoke out about it afterward and said it was real, he's missing a part of his spine, I believe!) Youtube "Misha Collins Nip/Tuck scene". It's... enlightening.