By child of a crazed women - 07/04/2013 09:19 - United States - Halethorpe

Today, it is my birthday. Since my parents are in the middle of a divorce, my mom thought it was perfectly reasonable to burn the gifts my dad got for me in the fireplace. FML
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I hate when parents put their kids in the middle of their issues in a divorce. Happy Birthday though!

I'm sorry OP! I hope your parents get this sorted out quickly. On the other hand, happy birthday!


I'm sorry OP! I hope your parents get this sorted out quickly. On the other hand, happy birthday!

Sorry OP! I hope for your sake it wasn't an iPad.

Yes as quickly as possible!:0 Your mother is being really selfish doing that to you. I know- parents divorcing is hard enough, and that's without the kind of thing your mother did. I'm sorry OP, truly.

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This comment is totally irrelevant. So if you don't care, don't read... I'm sad because before I commented the number of comments was 69... Now it's 70

I didn't know if I would care or not until I read it... Now I can never go back and unread it. Damn my curiosity.

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Hmmm...I wonder what she would do if the dad gets custody.... Fire proof suit and body armor OP OH Happy Birthday

That seems perfectly sane...

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Yeah for a crazy jealous woman.

For a woman.... bad dum tish! (just a joke!)

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Let's hope he didn't buy you any ammo..

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Terrible frightening experience... I was there, I'm still alive.

^ good job, want the Purple Heart Medal of Honor?

I got him one made from a bottlecap and shoelaces! My best work of art yet! *watches it spontaneously combust* Everything I make burns!

I hate when parents put their kids in the middle of their issues in a divorce. Happy Birthday though!

Yeah, I could understand her burning her gifts from him, but not their child's. I think she's a bit crazy.

I think she's a bit of a huge bitch!

I would know of this. My parents divorce and still argue despite being far away. For my birthday my dad sent a text message saying he's changing his number, therefore cutting contact with me and my mother.

#129 Aww you poor thing! That's horrible :((

I'm a thing? Lovely. Kidding, but thank you for the sympathy.

Wow, way to go for OP's selfish and immature mother. SMFH, what a bad example. Your mom needs to learn how to fucking act as a grown adult.

Wait she threw all of your gifts in the fire! It couldve been worse it couldve been me. I hope your parents can work things out.

Thanks for that

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Maybe you should lay off the crack.

Maybe we could throw your comment into the fire!

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And now you've got to go to your dad's place and watch him burn the gifts your mom gave you. It's like a double marathon!

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I would hope the father isn't that crazy. If he is then OP is screwed later in life when she gets hit by a double whammy of cray-cray.

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#21 please don't say "cray cray"..ever.

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Cray cray

jem970 19

I will say what I want. Thanks :)

#43 is a little cray cray

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67 ruined it

I'd like to think of 67 as a hero.

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Can someone tell me what the problem with the term "cray cray" is? I am just curious.

There's nothing wrong with it, people are just negative and like having problems with things.

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#122, it's offensive to crayfish-Americans, crawdad-Americans and other mini-crustaceans.

51 - You actually think that you can say what you want? That is incredibly naive of you. Please excuse me while I laugh in your face.

jem970 19

I know what it means. Thanks

ouch, that sucks :/. I'd make her replace them.

1) Kids don't make parents do anything. 2) Even trying to get her to replace them is something a materialistic prick would do.

3) stfu notforbirds

Excellent point, very well thought out. Your argument almost convinces me.

Even though it is difficult to get parents to do anything you ask or tell them to no parent has the right to set a present intended for you on fire, no matter the circumstances. OP has full right to get reimbursed for those gifts. Hopefully this can be sorted out with a little talk with OPs' mother but if she doesn't budge I'm pretty sure that either OP or OPs' father can sue for destruction of property.

Asking to have them replaced isn't materialistic, it's fucking realistic because those were their things and the mother had NO right to destroy them, divorce or not, don't take that shit out on your kid, it fucks them up way more than the divorce itself

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I'm pretty sure that OP's mom is too cray cray (you're welcome Trisha_aus) to reason with at this time.

37, op can be young adult or a teen. 44, "no parent has the right to set a present intended for you on fire" You're probably mistaken here and OPs mother probably has the legal rights to set presents *intended* for OP on fire - from the legal point of view. You might want to consult a lawyer about this one. As far as I know: 1. Owner has the right to destroy his/her property. 2. At least one of the following is true: 2.1. Presents you haven't received yet are not yours. 2.2. Child's property belongs to his guardian till he becomes adult. 2.3. Couples share ownership till divorced. Now, if OP already received presents, is adult or if burning said items violate some other law, that'll be another story.

59 that was one of the most thoroughly explained stupid posts I've read here.

76, It is legal to be an asshole. Deal with it.

#59 that somehow remained logical while being stupid. Teach me your ways.

87, become a lawyer or a computer programmer. Then eventually, you'll understand why and how things that are "stupid", "outrageous", "contradict common sense" or "ridiculous" can remain perfectly logical.

So let me get this straight, somebody burned the presents that didn't belong to them simply because it was somebody they hated, and they shouldn't replace them? Haha you probably know this woman and are defending her, who in their right mind would defend such a crazy bitch. Go fuck yourself.

112, Learn to read. As I said, "it is legal to be an asshole". Technically the presents were probably her property in legal sense and she had the right to destroy them - in legal sense, so she is not obliged to replace them - in a legal sense. And I don't care about defending anybody - that's not my problem. Be happy she didn't set the house on fire instead. Because she could.

112, Somehow people forgot that parents are allowed to take toys away and even destroy them if they want, which includes birthday presents. It is a dick move, yes, but it is allowed. There was a FMYlife few months where people suggested to do just that. yet when somebody actually did this, suddenly everybody is screaming "she has no right to do that". Nope, she has the right to do that for absolutely no reason, because till the child becomes adult all his stuff is managed by kid's parents. Although doing so certainly won't improve relationship with children, but this is their problem. Or are you perhaps complained because her action was "unjust"? Well, justice is a matter of perspective. So suck it up and deal with it. In OPs case the best idea would be to move away or live with uncle/aunt/grandparents - the the storm calms down and till they finish their divorse crap.

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Evilundead, while the mother COULD burn down the house, she couldn't do it in a "legal sense"

118, no complaints with the house. Obviously, burning the house down would probably violate couple of laws/regulations, so most likely she wouldn't have the "right" to do that.

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The important thing to remember here is that none of us here are actually involved in the situation, and will have no effect on the outcome, regardless of what we decide is legal or illegal. So, shut up xD

Also, without knowing anything else about the situation, like for example the op's age (which is very important for the legal issue), it's all moot anyway.

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EvilUndead, using your logic at post #59. Since the presents are shared property, assuming that OP had not received them as yet and is not an adult, then the mom has no legal right to destroy them without the consent of the dad, him being the other party in co-ownership. At the very least she would have to replace half the value of the destroyed items. Secondly, a present, like mail or similar can be construed as belonging to the persons' whose name is on it or its addressed to. Therefore the mom is wrong here if OP is an adult. While I agree parent have the right to destroy toys, usually that they deem harmful or dangerous to protect their children, doing so out of spite, is as you say unjust. while having no regular legal redress, a case could be brought in Civil court.

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And while I agree people have the legal right to be assholes, it's sad that to be part of the fight that defend such freedoms as that and the right to sue for not exercising common sense. Like texting while RIDING A F#^KING bicycle. Guess we have to take the good with the bad

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I have nothing witty or clever to say about this, but it sounds like a terrible situation. FYL, OP.

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There is some burning tension between his parents

For Christmas, ask for aluminum foil to give a fireworks display!

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And copper and magnesium shavings for full "firework display" effects

Your mother is psychotic.