By A girl - 27/06/2011 07:55 - Netherlands

Today, it has been 8 months since I started a photography project in which I would take a picture of the same tree every day for a year. I just heard a noise outside. They cut the tree down. FML
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kristen2322 0

That's so sad. You can keep doing the project and just show the stump. Turn it into some artsy go green anti-human thing.

I guess your 'stumped' then.


Why couldn't they just leaf it alone? I guess you'll have to lumber along, doing the best you can. But don't worry, it'll be O(a)K. Really, you should have notified people about your project - a human wouldn't interfere like a Dogwood. Not to malign dogs, since their bark is usually worse than their bite. In any case, this could be the seed of change for your project that will make it suPlant any others at the top of the list. Perhaps this could lead to you branching off in a new direction? New ideas could sprout in your mind. So, in short, don't get stumped, don't be a weeping willow, don't get sappy, just grow into the new environment and let ideas take root.

eminemchick 19

yeah 9 i was gonna say, take a pic of it every day after slowly withering away*professional wink*

at least you got 8 months of it. Better then nothing.

enonymous 8

Sounds like a quitter to me. keep taking pictures of the empty hole in the ground. even a good stump picture will work

#16 - Are you a fan of Piers Anthony's Xanth series, by any chance? (Bravo, btw.)

16-those have got to be some of the corniest joke I've heard in my life...

iSitt 0

a time lapse of a growing healthy tree is old news. one of chopped down then recovering tree is a new idea. plant another baby tree behind it.

juicedboi 7

-16 You have made my day good sir. Thank you very much. I also agree with taking some pictures of the remains, although I don't see a need for daily pictures. Weekly would be fine

I am ... but Piers Anthony isn't the only one that has ever made puns. In fact, a lot of Piers Anthony's puns are sent in by fans.

This is my favourite comment of all time!

Keep taking pictures anyway, you'll probably get extra marks for the originality of your project.

Noob30 0

Does he not notice the convinience? Just take a picture of the stump, and put in sad music at the end.

sportygirly1234 0

Well, make it interesting by taking a picture of where the tree used to be and use it to show that "Everything can change in the blink of an eye". So make your project have a message to it.

Hell Yeah 17! Two thumbs up for being creative and awe-inspiring ;D

KingGeorgeGal 12

16 win. OP Fyl and maybe you could try to see how it turns out unfinished, better than nothing?

16 these aren't your dad's puns- these are TURBO PUNS.

tina06 0

yup that sucks

brah89 0

that's sucks

yeah... maybe if OP had chosen a tree on his own property this wouldn't be a problem.

bantosh 4

that actually might be kinda cool: you should keep taking pictures of where it used to be, and it would just show how much the place changed over the course of a year. stick with it op.

Or you could poison the rest of their trees and photograph them wilting away

whybother8 0

butter take a picture and write what happned!

3 - I tink yu butter lern to spel properly.

whybother writing posts if you can't spell. On the positive side, atleast you got looks goin for ya.

authorkid 2

this wasnt any worse than what other people post.... why is she the one that gets made fun of for it?

why be too lazy to write "better" when "butter" is only a letter off AND makes you look stupid? lol

whybother8 0

just a spelling error. calm down lol. i ment better.

But the e is no where near the u ... how did that slip again? and you spelled happened wrong too:/

you're right 76... YOU were the real mistake here

Maybe she was thinking about butter so she wrote it instead of better.

146- Of course, because nothing turns me on more than butter :)

Likewise, wanna get together?

torilynn4403 0

why bother with "whybother8" ? haha. jk. is she like 7? bc thats how old her spelling makes her look! (:

Mirandawalker 0

wow calm down it's not that big of a deal!!!

Mau5Trap 0

i can't believe it's not butter.....

wow another spelling error!!! U FAIL AT LIFE

She's probably using the iPhone app. The auto-correct on the iPhone is retarded. I always have to go back and re-type many words that I type. Better can be changed to butter if she types the word butter often.

Why do everyone cry over others spelling errors??

daysgoby902 6

red oxy 60 mg? love you!

BUTTER! Skydoesminecraft!

kristen2322 0

That's so sad. You can keep doing the project and just show the stump. Turn it into some artsy go green anti-human thing.

Yeah. It would be interesting to see what grows around the stump in the last four months of your project.

Yeah but it would look so weird in a YouTube video speed up. Tall, taller, very tall, stump, stumpier, very stump.

very stump sounds like how I feel in the morning after a long night of smoking meth and snorting ketamine and cocaine off underage hookers. I like it

67 what in the hot damn, blazing, crackhead, craziness, cactus, goldfish are you talking about?

exactly what I was gonna say

93 Oh shi...ceanography! The study of oceans! We must be twins.

I'm not entirely sure but that idea of stumpiness caused my brain to develop a fantasy world of stumps. it could also be the acid I just took though. we shall see

you do look alike, although sassy has more hair and he seems to have a lot of cousins that are for some reason differently colored

I guess your 'stumped' then.

don't worry hazelmango I laughed :D

That's weird. 6's pic looks like he is laughing 38 looks like she is falling asleep... hmmm.

oxemilyxo 5

i see what you did there ;D

Johnpinkerton 4


mrwelsh3 0

38s pic is soo hot I Love my girls falling asleep in their pics.. mm

wow, well now the tree is gone, i suggest you take pictures of the stump :)

lindseyluvszac 4

That sucks

Take a picture of the chopped down tree, it'll be funny.

that's exactly what I was thinking

jellitonoctopus 19

that's what I thought too, it'd be pretty damn artistic and meaningful (environment shit).

then show it to an environmental activist and tell him it makes you happy. then be prepared to run or be pelted with small vegetables

if the like plants so much why would they throw veggies? 

TheNerdHerd 5

I was thinking the same thing. Even though it's been said like 20 times already >.>

I hope you got a picture of the work in progress. Then carry on! I find it hard to believe you will lose marks. It tells much more of a story than if the tree had stood for the full year. The stump may sprout but if not, other things will begin to grow where the tree was shading.

the amount of puns made my head hurt. nice!

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VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

What puns??

WDLfootball 8

photo shop!! :)