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  KaintukeeBob  |  13

Why couldn't they just leaf it alone?

I guess you'll have to lumber along, doing the best you can.

But don't worry, it'll be O(a)K.

Really, you should have notified people about your project - a human wouldn't interfere like a Dogwood.

Not to malign dogs, since their bark is usually worse than their bite.

In any case, this could be the seed of change for your project that will make it suPlant any others at the top of the list.

Perhaps this could lead to you branching off in a new direction?

New ideas could sprout in your mind.

So, in short, don't get stumped, don't be a weeping willow, don't get sappy, just grow into the new environment and let ideas take root.

  iSitt  |  0

a time lapse of a growing healthy tree is old news. one of chopped down then recovering tree is a new idea.
plant another baby tree behind it.

  juicedboi  |  7

-16 You have made my day good sir. Thank you very much.

I also agree with taking some pictures of the remains, although I don't see a need for daily pictures. Weekly would be fine


Well, make it interesting by taking a picture of where the tree used to be and use it to show that "Everything can change in the blink of an eye". So make your project have a message to it.

  bantosh  |  4

that actually might be kinda cool: you should keep taking pictures of where it used to be, and it would just show how much the place changed over the course of a year. stick with it op.


She's probably using the iPhone app. The auto-correct on the iPhone is retarded. I always have to go back and re-type many words that I type. Better can be changed to butter if she types the word butter often.

By  Ugi  |  26

I hope you got a picture of the work in progress.

Then carry on! I find it hard to believe you will lose marks. It tells much more of a story than if the tree had stood for the full year. The stump may sprout but if not, other things will begin to grow where the tree was shading.