By Madi Jenna - 04/05/2011 17:31 - United States

Today, is the third day my ring won't come off. I used soap, vegetable oil, lotion, soaked my hand in ice to make the swelling of my finger to come down, and even my mom pulled so hard she dislocated my finger. FML
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get Gollum to help you he's really good at that


get Gollum to help you he's really good at that

I can toss you in the lava of mordor if you'd like.

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Ezziooo!! You seem to be forgetting your place, what are you doing in Mordor? Get back to Venice

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and 18, i'm currently recuperating in my holiday home in mount doom, i wanted a break from it all. Venice got a bit boring, man.

God disapproves of you taking off you ring. :V

Mr.Ring loves cuddling Miss.Finger so much, that he won't let go. Ever. :D

Ezio!!! Yes!!! Where's you get it ?

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Or she could give me a handjob

Well, that would only make it stickier if she gave you a handjob !

How about going to a doctor to get it removed?

The finger... duh. That way, you don't damage the ring!

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wait...don't they size the ring to fit the finger? wait no I'm thinking of a wedding ring. >.> but uh. it fit the first time you put it on..but it won't come off? I'm so confused >.>

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Here's the real question: Which costs more, the ring, or the surgery for getting your finger sewn back on?

he obviously gained 20 pounds after putting on the ring duhh ;)

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Sometimes it's easy to put a ring on but difficult to remove it. Maybe OP had the ring on for a while.

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Wire cutters work it happened to me once when I was younger. The ring was a little small and I kept pulling it on and off then my knuckle swelled. So my mom used wire cutters to get it off. Then we went to a jewelers and they fixed it and sized it up for me inexpensively. So wire cutters work.

or you could just leave the ring on ... that's cool too.

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LOL it's Kate Middleton everyone!

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reminds me of shop class. some guy got a finger with his ring stuck in a metal sander. it got so hot that when he pulled the ring off his skin melted around the ring and ripped off all the skin from his finger. mmm good memories

just get rid of your finger, I mean, you still have 9 left....

I was counting thumbs, though u're right...

Last time i checked the thumbs still counted as fingers.

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today, I found out the ring I got my finger removed for because I couldn't take it off was actually plastic. FML.

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59- ..........WTF... just... no.

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67 why is your name general grievous but your pic is darth maul.?

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go to the doctor and they will cut it off for you.

omg! that same thing happened to me but i was on the bus and my ring was suppergluded to my finger. AND I saw that ur user name is Madi Jenna and so Is my name, Jenna :O

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same thing happened to me. you gotta keep twisting it in a circle. if that doesn't work, you gotta go to the hospital to get it removed. it'll prob come off when you least expect it.

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Me to.. But it was with a moodring a few years ago, me and my friend were at the cart and me being a retard I put the ring on the wrong finger and it got stuck, the lady wouldn't help us so she just let us keep it and after butter, oil, water, and everything else we had to go to the fire department to get it cut off (the ring ofcourse) By then my finger was so swollen it looked like a fat purple potato

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hehe. my stuck-ring story involves a mood ring, too. ended up finally coming off after soaking my hand in ice, raising it above my head for several minutes, and removing and twisting WHILE my hand was in the air. it left an indentation and discoloration on my finger, too. fun.

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same thing happened to me. you gotta keep twisting it in a circle. if that doesn't work, you gotta go to the hospital to get it removed. it'll prob come off when you least expect it.

dislocated ur finger? did u go to the doctor cause i bet they would hav gotten it off....

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If it won't come off, how were you even able to fit it on in the first place?

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Sometimes they go on and then you swell or get fat and they won't come off.

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When I was in the jeweler with my girlfriend trying on rings, one of the rings went straight on then required lotion to be taken off. All in about 30 seconds of wearing it.

My rings go on easily but whether they come off easily or not changes from day to day. My hands swell a lot thanks to being pregnant so some days my rings leave deep marks. :( And to the weight gain comment.. I highly doubt she gained much weight in three days. :/

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Maybe OP had eaten a lot of salt over those 3 days?

Might have to go to the hospital or jewellery store and have them cut if off...