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  Tthug  |  34

Yeah. OP is obviously doing a good enough job not to get fired. So I suggest OP gets another job and gives two weeks notice in writing.

I hate those conversations too. But you'll be much happier if you learn how to face them. Especially since they shouldn't be too common.

  orbit  |  22

Or break into your boss's car and drive it into the building, then streak around the parking lot while spray painting "-your boss's name- was here" then calmly get dressed and leave. Problem solved.

  JayGatsby  |  25

I originally thought that too, but OP might need a recommendation from this job or if OP gets a new job, they might call up the employers from her old job to see how well OP worked there. I would say that the best thing to do is to practice with a friend.

By  reyy19  |  11

Well, face the awkward conversation for just one time, and you don't have to see your boss's face anymore, and you will be done with the job you hate the most! :-)

  Ki11erC  |  18

So it's you I can blame for not giving me enough money! I always knew it came down to one person if you go high enough. Stop paying for police and other emergency services or rubbish collection etc and pass the extra cash my way.

By  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I would hope purposely getting fired would be easier than getting hired. There's so many ways of going about getting yourself fired. Use your imagination, and your boss will be spitting mad and having security drag you out in no time.