By nobody asked you! - / Monday 25 March 2019 21:00 / United States - New York
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  RichardPencil  |  27

@chloe: The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and ... what? The river that catches fire? Being “not Detroit” makes my point,

@jbuckets: the cab driver actually kidnapped the OP and should be jailed.

  Sam Fisher  |  12

And your name should be faggy mcfagx, all because in one part of the world that’s what a “siggy” is called. Or haven’t you yet learned that just because some people from one part of the world says it, doesn’t mean they all do?

  Sam Fisher  |  12

Or at least the way the customer says to go. If customer simply wants the “fastest” way, or doesn’t say anything at all, yes the default always *has* to be the quickest they know of, or figure out the fastest on gps

By  OGSteveJobs  |  20

I know this site is in the shitter because the top comment usually has like 40 upvotes. In the good ol days you needed hundreds -or at least 100- to take the top spot

  iamnuff  |  11

Hate to break it to you, but america belongs to Americans, not to the natives.
Once you conquer a country, it's yours. That's how territory claims have worked since the dawn of recorded history.
Every single country in existence was founded on these principles. You take it with force of arms, and hold it with the same.
The only thing that makes the native americans stand out more than the descendants of any other destroyed nation, is that they were given reservations to live on out of pity, and allowed to keep whatever traces of their culture were left after their lands were taken.
Unlike the losing side of most other cultural/territorial wars, which are either ruthlessly exterminated or assimilated until they lose all cultural identity.
Sure, what happened to them was shitty, but it did happen and it did so about 200 years ago.

Granted, that has nothing to do with the FML, but pretending that Americans don't belong in america is a twisty bit of doublethink that never fails to bug me.

  Sam Fisher  |  12

I never said Americans don’t belong in the United States of America. But absolutely none of you, short of the natives, were originally from the USA. And by that I mean, if you follow the genealogy of any American, other than natives, far enough back it will always originate elsewhere. There is no bio marker for being an “American” but there sure as hell are bio markers for Native Americans. I suppose one could argue that even the natives aren’t native, that they crossed over the ice bridge from different parts of Asia, but then I guess one could also argue that if you’re a homo sapien, eventually your genealogy will trace back to Africa.