By Anonymous - United States
Today, is my birthday and my friends and I went to our favorite pub to celebrate. As I'm a little broke at the moment, they all offered to buy me birthday drinks. Which I later learned meant that they would order them for me and bring it to the table, but put everything on my tab. FML
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  LilaBear  |  1

No, #5 is right. It's not horrible to expect the birthday person to pay for their own meal, UNLESS (and this is what #5 said) you've offered to pay and then leave them with the cost.

  monster_tamer  |  11

If friends take a friend out for said friend's birthday, and offer to pay and then stick the birthday boy/girl's tab, then that is not only beyond rude, it's douchebag-asshole-worthy.

By  perdix  |  29

I guess you don't speak Texan, then. Let me teach you.

"Can a buy you a hooker for your birthday?"

This means you send me your credit card number, exp. date, etc. and include your mailing address so I can send you the used condom as a thank-you note.

Try this for homework:

Translate from Texan the phrase, "Can I buy you a Thai massage with a happy ending?"

  kdb268  |  1

Americans only call pubs "pubs." They're not the same as regular bars/restaurants. Of course, generally the main difference is that they have the word "pub" somewhere in the name, and maybe they have an Irish or English decor/theme.

By  jandrews10  |  0 did you have a tab or why did you start a tab if you thought they were paying for your drinks? Second, I would have walked on the tab and on my friends...never reconciling with either. Fucking douche bags is what they are.

  Ariel881  |  0

No kidding. They can't put it on your tab if you didn't have your card open for your tab. The only way this could have happened was for one of them to give the server his or her card, which is usually required when a large group of people are drinking together at a bar and then that person told the server that you were going to pay for it at the end of the night.