By Anonymous - 31/12/2013 23:38

Today, instead of spending New Year's Eve having a romantic night out with my fiancé as we'd planned, I'm spending it sitting beside him in the hospital because his friends convinced him to go off-road ghost-riding in the dead of night. FML
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ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

Think very hard before you reproduce with this man

You ride a motorcycle while you set your head on fire like ghost rider what else did you think it meant? >.>


ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

Think very hard before you reproduce with this man

fksfsdhfsdfh 26


AnOriginalName 19

But at least the dude knows how to have fun. And what's more important -- smarts or fun?

Smarts is to know when to stop having fun and realize that someone is going to get hurt.

#59 is a candidate for future Darwin Award glory.

Fun what's life if you just sit in a cubicle farm all the time or spend it all working if you can't have some fun and with fun come risks

So no more football games? Or hockey? Or even baseball? Ya know its fun but someone will get hurt.

Why don't you just run in the middle of the street? Play Frogger or Chicken with those cars. That's "fun".

#79 Sports and running next to a 2 ton vehicle while no ones driving it, in the middle of the night, with no medical personnel around. (Incoming sarcasm) Yeah I can see the comparison there.

#83 I don't see the comparison, could you explain?

#83, I'm loving your imminent sarcasm measure :D! There's a lot of humour-less people on here!

frizz101 22

If you don't understand, 91, then you are part of the problem. There is a big difference between fun and potential death.

Well that's a boo-ring way to spend the night.

Here's what you need to do #2. Take a step back, breath in really deep, grab a bucket of water, and make sure every bit of your internet connected device is completely wet.

For added effectiveness, try throwing it on the ground repeatedly.

What is off road ghost riding?

You ride a motorcycle while you set your head on fire like ghost rider what else did you think it meant? >.>

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I thought ghost-riding was pretty much another term for car surfing?

Nope. It's when you wrangle a couple of ghosts, and ride them around town. What happened here is that OP's husband managed to lasso an unbroken wraith. That's why he got hurt. Only professional ghost-riders know how to ride the wild ones.

\ 28

All jokes aside, Ghost-Riding is when you slow the car down to a crawl, exit it while it's still moving, and dance or walk slowly near it. 8 people have died because of it ever since rapper E-40 introduced us to it in 2006.

E-40?! He sounds like a food additive.

36 it actually originally was something farmers did back in the 40s with there trucks. First gear was extremely low like a top speed of 10 miles an hour at most. They would pull put the truck in first pull the choke and get out and walk next to the trucks in the field picking up square hay bales and loading them in the bed. It did not really have a name it's was just common practice. I only know this because I happen to have a truck that was used in this manner. Putting the history lesson aside that's an extremely stupid think to do.

In the time you wrote that you could have said what it is. Just saying.

frizz101 22

The difference there 77 is that farmers had something called common sense, something a great number of people lack nowadays (so now it's uncommon sense?) anyway the other difference is that the farmers were trying to accomplish a job, not fool around and do tricks next to a car that may or may not be going in a straight line.

it's when you turn off all the lights and drive really fast in the pitch dark

That's so Nobel of you, at least you didn't dump him! Maybe this year would take your relationship to the next level and he would appreciate you more, happy new year btw

I wonder if she got $1,000,000 for it too

Sounds like he could use some common sense. Too bad they don't bottle that stuff, it would come in handy...

If they sold it in stores I imagine quite a few people would still misuse it.

That would be an interesting substance to abuse...

Bottled common sense would mean a severe drop in FMLs. This is a terrible product idea.

what a way to start the new year. sorry op

xChaos 29

OMG, I hope your husband is ok OP, though I hope he learns his lesson

Well at least he ain't hurt! Knock some cense into him.

"cense"? It seems that you're the one who actually needs some sense knocked into him.

I believe him ending up in the hospital means he PROBABLY got hurt.

debbster7 18

What a smart boyfriend you got there OP!

NewYorkMexPR 14

Some one needs new friends

Everybody has done stupid things with friends, but most of the time true friends are there when you need them. People shouldn't be so quick to ditch friends (unless they repeatedly screw you over).