By Anonymous - 18/02/2011 07:35 - Canada

Today, instead of pushing me away or simply stopping for a minute, my girlfriend kept kissing me as she was trying to get phlegm out of her throat. The slimy goo ended up in the back of my mouth. I can still taste it. FML
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As if it needed to be said, her actions were snot for the greater good.

Oh my.. *shudders* *shudders again* Brr. Yuck.


Oh... gross...

I think you mean oh DAMNNN SHE A DIRTY ASS BITCH


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that's disgusting

As if it needed to be said, her actions were snot for the greater good.

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lol mhm. but that's nasty... I'd punch the bitch lol

who nose what other dirty secrets this chick could cough up?

you wouldn't get the girl.

Why the hell would anyone do that?

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she a nasty hoe!

shouldnt OP have known she was trying to get phlegm out?? I mean wouldnt it be obvious...i would have backed off

There shouldn't be any more comments after yours. HAHAHA!

Win !! P.S: thanks for the images that i can't get out of my mind OP

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I love when that happens

not sure why, but your comment makes me want to cackle uproariously. |the kid|

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That's HOT. ;)

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Well your girlfriend is a dirty little rat. You should get rid of that unhygenic mut.

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Yes, his girlfriend is disgusting. He needs to dump her. Also though...why did he not push her away? It's not as if it's silent when someone is clearing phlegm from their throat. That's quite audible.

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For a stunt like that they would find her corpse in the middle of the ocean. I'm not even a violent person, but that would make me snap so quickly and violently.

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um agree... so absolutely gross.

That's disgusting. FYL :/

ewww wtf's her problem :

your comment doesn't match your picture >.>

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Your reply doesn't match his comment.

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You look about 12. This site is totally inappropriate for you.

oh my....I think i feel yesterday's chicken coming back up.

Well, if so, take what you've learned from this FML and put it to good use: Make sure it comes up while you're kissing someone. (Absolutely don't, *gag*!)

That's so disgusting. Does she think it's okay or something

it is ok. well maybe it isn't

ur beautiful

i guess that this is her way of showing her love. i bet it came from deep inside her. she's just trying to get you to spit out the truth! remember, it's the thought that counts! ...ah, i can't front; this is fucking appalling. i would have possibly headbutted her. accidentally. |the kid|

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Accidentally? Head-butt? I wouldn't care who did this to me, they would suffer unimaginable horrors.

i'm partly kidding. not sure which part of me is, however... |the kid|

Oh my.. *shudders* *shudders again* Brr. Yuck.