By lotrgeek - 13/02/2012 13:37 - Canada

Today, in the midst of having sex, my boyfriend decided that, as a joke, he would pretend to be a zombie whilst going down on me. Sadly, the thought turned me so much that I came. This was the first orgasm he's ever given me in over a year of dating. FML
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Whatever gets the job done. Right?

Yeah. At least a zombie isn't shallow, he loves you for your brains.


Whatever gets the job done. Right?

is watching the walking dead like porn to you?;)

He must be really ugly if the thought of a zombie going down on you makes u cum when he can't do it

23, you must be really dumb if you think his appearance has anything to do with OP's newfound zombie fetish.

Most of taken a lot more moaning eh?

Yeah. At least a zombie isn't shallow, he loves you for your brains.

So Halloween is more kinky now?

Most of what 28? You mean "must have"?

You found the humor sexy not the zombie part right?

I think the OP has a case of necrophilia if the thought of a FREAKING corpse turns her on...

That's a little unsettling

Once in a town of all woman, there was a male zombie attack. The zombies where rapers, and the woman didnt give a fight. They were too busy having their best orgasims ever. Thus, the zombie fetish was born.

just out of curiosity !! What's it so sexy about zombie !!?

Receive orgasm from boyfriend <thisgirl.jpg> COMPLAIN ON FML

Women, were and orgasams Yw :)

192, it's people like you who make me question whether or not calling out hypocrisy is even worth the effort.

Halloween was always kinda kinky... Wasn't it?

Necrophilia is having sex with something dead

whatever floats your boat.

Zombiefetisch is the shit?


I get the feeling it's not you're boyfriends fault that he coulnd't give you an orgasm in over a year of dating.

Water. Water floats my boat.

110- Yea.. You know.... Considering he's alive & all.....

Whatever cranks your tractor :D

125, my tractor is an electric start.

I'm going to agree and also point out that it pisses me off when people always act like it is the guy's fault or that it means he's small or whatever. In the real world a lot of women have trouble reaching orgasm during sex, whether the guy is doing his part or not. I'd say virtually all women can reach orgasm if it's approached properly, but it's easier to find the way for some more than others.

Who said anything about penetration? If you are getting oral sex performed on you and can't orgasam there is a big problem there!

Whatever sinks your sumarine

Hey at least it worked!

Yeah I fail to see a problem here

Ditto! I'm saying YDI because everyone deserves a good orgasm!! Congratulations!

Doesn't matter, got head.

yes, but worked unintentionally

Well, now you know what you like.

It was probably the moaning.

I wish I had a weird fetish like that. xD Makes for a great conversation.

Among the patients in the Psych ward..

Psych Ward patients... how did you know my fetish!?

No. No it doesn't.

Yes it does, you blind hooker.

thats actually pretty hot haha

Your pretty hot

Her pretty hot what?

I don't get how that's hot?

Can I fuck u?!?!

U now watelse is pretty hot?....... U

Uhhh ..... Thats .. Odd

Hi Angela! I'm a zombie btw. :)

There's worse fetishes out there, trust me.

I don't think I'm even going to ask O.O

I kind of want to know. But I'm scared of the answer.

One lady came only when she killed something

Murderous furry excrement zombie fetish combo? That's worse, right? Throw in some bestiality, blood drinking, cutting, actual sadism, and pedophilia and you've got yourself a good reason to avoid sex for a few decades

141, you should sell that idea to whoever made The Human Centipede.

I love that movie.. But hate that movie at the same time.. Not really.. It's gross and creepy, with very bad acting

I will trust you because God forbid I see something worse than this and have it burned into my brain permanently.

The undead know what they are doing... :P

Your profile picture is perfect for this FML.

Hells yeah! I think I'l take that as a compliment? :P

It could be worse. My best friend is insanely turned on by her college professors....and rocking chairs.

That's is ... Awesome

Call me Professor CockAsian.

I bet it's all the moaning.

that is awesome.