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Today, in the midst of foreplay, this girl tells me I am so hot, I respond "Ditto." She heatedly responds "I love ditto," to which I suavely reply "I didn't know you were into Pokémon. That may make you even sexier." She knows nothing about Pokémon, but I sure know how to kill the mood. FML
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Carlyyy 0

What did she mean then, "I love ditto." ...

I would've thought the exact same thing. Pokemon ftw.


Hahaha! Oh that's bloody epic XD

Honest mistake, FYL for it killing the mood.

It would have been more epic if it were true, but everybody knows that a Pokemon fan would never be having sex with a real live girl. Thats just crazy talk.

brilliantbarbie 0

ahahahahaha!! love it!!!

redtear 2

Yes I am replying to #1 to be's because the next 100 replies or so keep asking why she said "I love ditto". When I read this I immediately thought of the movie Ghost and assumed she was making a reference to that. I might be wrong...but it makes sense to me.

Good job. Don't worry, we all loved Pokemon at one point or another...

Phreephorm 0

I immediately thought of Ghost. Patrick Swayze was pretty hot back when he was in that. Maybe OP's woman thought he was referencing the movie and thought he was being really romantic. And then Pokemon cockblocked him. Well, he still has something in common with Pokemon left from the encounter: Stuff trapped in balls.

SmittyJA24 26

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How old do you think Pokemon is? I'm pretty sure the OP could be in his early 20's and still remember Pokemon from his childhood and early teen years.

I'm 20 and Pokemon was the big thing when I was 9 and 10. Yes, I still know almost all the Pokemon and I still play the Gameboy games sometimes... They're good games! Also, I'm a girl.... *GASP!*

Has to be one of the funniest FML I've ever read!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Westy543 0

@167: EPIC GASP!

Unless the girl you're fucking is kinda crazy and likes pokemon too. There is a very small handful of hot gamer girls out there.

#148, shut up. how old are you? obviously not old enough to know that people love to reminisce on childhood games and that a lot of people who have moved on from pokemon still remember at least some of them. I applaud the OP because pokemon is awesome. (the original 150, of course) by the way, the original gameboy pokemon games are still top notch.

bbobe900000 0

#167 YOU ARE SEXY THEN!!!! lol but ouch, OP, that is a horribly embarrassing mistake.

Shadow_Phantom 26

True; the first thing I think of when i hear "Ditto" is that little pink blob of a Pokemon. I have no clue what the OP's Girl is talking about...

at 187. I know loads of girls who are gamers and considered "hot" :/ Maybe everyone where you live is ugly or something

myfishisBOBA 0

Heyy 87 I love pokemon! I had the gameboy games, the cards, an alarm clock, bedsheets, episodes on VHS, the little pikachu that talked and wiggled its ears, etc. But I guess your right, I don't have sex with girls cuz' im straight and not into that. How would she "love ditto"? FHL tho. Don't ever talk about it during sex.

Haha, my boyfriend likes Pokemon and I am a real live girl. :) Also, that was hilarious. I love it.

@148: Dude, it's not a thing to do with being young - pokemon have existed for years now. Plenty of adult fans have grown up to screw another day!


Oh, please. Pokemon is awesome. I have NEVER had a boyfriend who didn't like Pokemon. Geeks are the shit.

You sound like me! I have to say that if OP's girl had a sense of humour then she would have laughed. Date a geek next time my dear.

kmknotek 0

maybe she meant that she loves dildoh?

NeonBlack 0

OP should've replied: "Is there a ditto in your pocket? Cos I can see myself in your pants." ;3

148, Hey! Pokemon is actually a great game and the people who enjoy it are by no means losers by default. I'm guessing that you've never even bothered checking out the game before ridiculing it. And don't tell me you've watched the show because the show is nothing to judge the games by. And even if you have played and don't like it that doesn't make it a bad game. Especially if there are so many others including many girls who love it

Maybe she meant dildo???? ????

bunz15 0


yeahsurre 0

couldnt agree more...

sierralovesyou 0

Wow, he is an idiot. Pokemon is so retarded.

I would've thought the exact same thing. Pokemon ftw.

I agree, I'd have been instantly more aroused when the topic of Pokémon came up

tpag3r 0

i 3rd that

Aha, pokemon rule :P that would not have killed the mood for me ;) ...ok, it would make me giggle

Same here; that would have been my first thought. xD

slydevil11 0

Isn't Ditto musicitan?

jem1991 0

i think you mean dido pronounced dydo

yes, that is a rule of sex. Pokemon gets a free pass. 1. thou shall not stray his mind from his duty of pleasuring his woman, unless Pokemon is the thought at hand.

it_doesnt_mader 0

i would have to agree as well

trulyinsane 0

and i was thinking ditto sounds like dildo...

Anonoly 4

Get it in hand hahahahahhahahahahha btw you are #169 hahah I'm so childish

ReasonsToFly 0

I love you too.

doopliss? isnt that a name from paper mario? also pokemon was the first thing i thought of

Skahree 0

You should know better! NEVER mention pokemon in foreplay unless you know for sure they're a total Pokeman-fanatic. Epic, but man does that suck. Sorry, better luck next time?

Carlyyy 0

What did she mean then, "I love ditto." ...

that is what I want to know...

Yeah, who says that? I love ditto? What? I think they both fucked that one up, haha.

That was my initial reaction. I hate pokemon but I still instantly thought of it when I read what she said.

I can only assume she thought ditto was some crazy slang for something kinky, and not wanting to appear uncool, agreed. The mind boggles at how that could've continued. Could done anything! "I thought you said you liked Ditto?"

yeah i want to know wtf she thinks ditto is then

orangecrsh16 0

im guessing it means "I love you too"

I'm guessing they were drunk... but anyway dude this could have all been avoided if you had just said "so are you" instead of "ditto" - who the fuck says ditto anymore anyway?

She means "I love that you think I'm hot too."

#116 - She picked a messed up way to say it, then. OP, FYL, she wasn't being at all clear, it sounded like a proper noun to me too. (Yeah, I was there, in the closet. Pokemon fans have the best sex.)

tastetherainbow7 6

I think it might be like the line from Ghost?

Also, when someone calls you hot, who the hell responds with "ditto"?

Maybe she meant she likes the word?

Synyster127 0

Pokemon...goddammit man you were gonna get laid!!!

Did she not notice that she just said "I love ditto" during foreplay? Just because you say something sexily doesn't make the statement itself any less stupid.

That's what I was thinking :D It was a stupid thong for her to say, it could be easily misread as a pokemon reference!

she wasn't cool at all. pokemon ftw.