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By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

lol, Ceaser. I take it Gassius and Booty-us were there, too?

Also... How the hell is punching someone in the face a reflex to your own farting? I would hate to be around you at a gassy time.

By  LemursonTuesday  |  0

Definitely a win.

Everyone farts, so it's not a FYL there.
But being punched by your girlfriend whom was woken up by her own fart, that's a FYL.

I've never been woken up by my own fart.

By  Luckster  |  0

I've woken myself up from a sneeze, a cough, swearing in my sleep (wtf?) and even snoring momentarily, but never in my life have I woken up from breaking wind.