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I smell win(d).

What... the fuck?


I smell win(d).

Haha nice joke, if only I could see any win. What a lame girlfriend.

Oh wow...just the thought of that had me laughing to the point of almost throwing up.

What's up with the French and their odd obssession with girls farting? You sick French!

I've been quite depressed lately, I'm not going to lie. This FML made me laugh for 10 minutes straight. Thank you, OP.

What... the fuck?

LOL, I know right?! That's what i was thinking =]

lol me too. poor guy. his face is all O_X

talk about a rude awaking .!

Dude it's the French, that's a common response for half the crap those people do.


lol, Ceaser. I take it Gassius and Booty-us were there, too? Also... How the hell is punching someone in the face a reflex to your own farting? I would hate to be around you at a gassy time.

Yeah, disoriented by the perfuming odor of her gassy release. I'm sure it smelled like freshly picked roses and bubble bath =]

The exploration of new fetishes isn't what I'm perturbed by. What scares me most is the question, "What if she farts during anal?"

HAH!!! totally hilarious....silly farter!!!

Definitely a win. Everyone farts, so it's not a FYL there. But being punched by your girlfriend whom was woken up by her own fart, that's a FYL. I've never been woken up by my own fart.

I've woken myself up from a sneeze, a cough, swearing in my sleep (wtf?) and even snoring momentarily, but never in my life have I woken up from breaking wind.

Okay that's hilarious! I once pushed all the stuff off my end table (including my laptop) as I woke up violently from a dream, and once kicked a boyfriend in the spine.