By LeChameauTrisomique - 14/03/2014 04:33 - France - Saint-germain-de-la-grange

Today, in the middle of a Spanish oral exam, I start to panic. My teacher suggests I say whatever pops into my head. I blurt out, "Heeey Macarena!" FML
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If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.


I hope you did OP... if you're going to fail, might as well make it epic and go out in style

He's a maniac maaaaniaac on the Spanish room floor

He gonna dance like he ain't never danced before

I was thinking of something entirely different when I read "Spanish oral exam"...

Like learning how to eat tacos properly? I was thinking the same thing

Hehehe. I hope that double entendre was on purpose.

for half a second I thought I was going to have to look up Spanish oral exam on urban dictionary.

i think you better lay off the interracial porn for a while buddy..

Or just the porn in general

so I can appease the request of a fifteen year old girl on the internet. no thanks.

#2 The terms 'Spanish' and 'oral' do sound good together ;)

@#64 im pretty sure this fifteen year old girl wasnt referring to you. go back to watching your interracial porn now as you please.

the panic of oral presentations gets to all of us OP

True true. I often get tongue tied!

I'm guessing you got an A?

An Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy macarena!

Some teachers I know would give you half a mark for saying something funny..... If OP had one of those teachers they would have probably got a half mark!

How do I call you? Hmm makes a bit of sense when translated into English but none in Spanish.

Isn't that just "What is your name"?

31, if it was intended as a question yes it makes perfect sense. it could be 'como te llamo' like how do I contact you? (phone call) or 'como te llamo' as in asking someone what name they would like to be called, although that one seems a bit more unnatural.

It is cómo te llamas not llamo.

actually both make sense. "como te llamo"= how do I call (contact) you; "como te llamas"= what is your name. lol and yes including accent marks but my phone can't do those

I hope you passed op!

she asked for it!

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.

That darn Dinkleberg!

did you get a good grade?

Yeah she got an A... -_-

OP could have. Maybe they just got stuck on that one part

You didn't say anything offensive. I really wouldn't worry too much. It could have been worse! :)

The Macarena is suppose to be a dirty song.