By Jane - / Friday 8 February 2019 00:00 /
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By  mackdeezy  |  20

I mean, it's underwear. Perhaps the point you tried maki g is that the u derwear is ideal even for those with bigger packages, but still.

Man, underwear modeling industry is just as flawed as the rest of the modeling industry.

  mssileas  |  19

You're right, women have no idea how it feels to be obligated to enhance part of their appearance. Oh wait, except for push up bras, make-up, high heels, shape wear,...
And that just goes for your average day, we're not being paid for that like this guy. Or we just don't do it and be called gross and lazy, so really, go cry in silence.

  Ella_fml  |  16

Umm no. If a guy told me I had to wear a push-up bra, more make-up, or heels that's extremely rude. Nobody is obligated to do those things - some women choose to do it to alter their appearance. I've had guys tell me they prefer my looks because I don't wear makeup and don't need heels. Unless you're in the "model" industry, it's nobody's business to tell you how to look but your own. So it makes sense that OP's model was upset, and maybe it's not the right job for him.