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Today, in history class, we were talking about Ancient Rome, and what childbirth would have been like back then. One girl asked in all seriousness why they didn't use ultrasound machines to see what sex their babies were. I have to deal with people like this on a daily basis. FML
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  CCSA  |  12

If this was a history class in a grade school it was kind of acceptable and even cute to say that, but if it's in a college... *facepalm*


My boyfriend told me that in his history class, some wanna-be gangster dumbfuck actually believed the teachers obvious sarcasm that the horse was 'invented' after the first car. Then there's the time where everyone in my English class flipped shit and ran around like confused headless chickens because the desks were rearranged differently. People are awfully too stupid...

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

In my world history class, my teacher announced that there was a question on the test where enough people got it wrong that she was forced to address it. The question was "What language is spoken in Australia?"

  Epikouros  |  31

#81: That was a badly formulated question. Vietnamese, Greek and Warlpiri are spoken in Australia. They should have asked what the de facto national language was, or the most common language.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

94- It was a multiple choice test and the answers to choose from were French, English, German, or Australian. Obviously she meant the official language and not some indigenous language that's only spoken by 5 percent of the population.

  AngrySox  |  8

My comment was posted the night before the tragedy. My heart goes out to all the families who will have an empty seat at the dinner table this holiday season. But at the same time my comment wasn't serious. I'd never support senseless killing. I'm sorry if my comment offends anyone.

  SammyS2012  |  21

You realise that there are idiots in every generation, every corner of the world; right?

Our idiots are more known because of the Internet and social media though; they're louder now.


I do realize there are idiots in every generation. Hell, there are idiots in my generation, namely the beings who cannot last a single second without updating their "statuses" or "tweets". I'm just stating that the world is rather sad today.

By  Goaliefriend  |  5

I don't know what's worse the fact that some girl walked in to a Chinese food store and said it smells like chinese food in here or this. I think they're both the same. What has the world come too.

  stargirl_95  |  24

Because there were never any stupid people before our generation ever. After all, one only has to think of the geniuses who believed that the earth was flat, that the whole universe revolved around the earth, that disabled people were possessed by demons, and that slavery, Apartheid, and every genocide that has ever happened were good ideas to see how far the average intelligence has fallen.

By  billyz77  |  24

I'm not sure if people have gotten dumber over the years or if they're just so wrapped up in their own pointless little lives that they're less aware of their surroundings but something has happened to bring about a level of brainlessness that defies belief. In this case, though, it's pure lack of intelligence.

  billyz77  |  24

Aha! That explains it. I knew people seemed dumber today than in 1977 when I met my wife. Wait a sec. 1977. Jimmy Carter was President and his brother Billy was making beer. I guess people were just as stupid back then. It's just that there's more of them now.