By mylifeeee - United States
Today, in art class we finally had the critique for the self portraits we've been working on for a month. We critique a few and come to mine. Everyone is silent. Finally, one girl says "I'm just going to be blunt. It doesn't look like you. You're not that pretty." Everyone nods. FML
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The art project was probably about accuracy. Blemishes, freckles, slightly larger than normal noses, uneven eyebrows - ALL of that should be included. It sucks but OP should follow the contours and shade it accurately. What's great about doing self portraits in art class is that sometimes you notice things about yourself that you've never noticed before. Seeing as the entire class agreed, the OP messed up.

  mikelangele  |  15

for your information everyone tends to see themselves as more attractive than they actually are (unless you have that disease were you see yourself as uglier) if they don't it will be much more difficult for the human species to reproduce.

By  LittleLulu_fml  |  0

Jealous. Jealous of how you look in real life and your skills.
Try not to take it to heart, I'm sure you look great!
Remember, if you get knocked down, get up again cause no one's gonna bring you down!
and I agree with #13!