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Today, in an attempt to lower my stress and anxiety, I tried out an anti-stress coloring page on my phone. I couldn't get the color to evenly fill inside the lines and it stressed me out even more, to the point where I started crying at work. FML
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By  Accurate_Vision  |  31

Wow! What a colourful day! :)

Okay, in all seriousness, that sucks. Maybe you should consider seeing a therapist of some sort, as they are trained to help with this kind of thing. Also, calming music can help. I wish you luck, OP, hopefully you'll lower your stress and anxiety soon. That stuff can be a larger problem than some people think.

  snydeeli000  |  27

There's just something different about an actual physical coloring book as opposed to an app. I color in class to help me focus on lectures(:
Good luck OP I hope it gets better for you(:

  doodlecloud  |  26

I didn't know apps even existed. I can't imagine any phone capable of doing a decent job. It'd need to be tablet sized, with a pin point stylus. I'm not sure why anyone would even attempt on anything less.