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  dcam13  |  19

sounds about right. we swimmers are usually pretty bad when it comes to land based sports. balance and hand-eye coordination are overrated anyways...

  brycemash  |  9

People like you annoy us Ultimate players because we are a real sport and have even been recognized by the international olympic committee as a sport as well. Its people like you that lure people away from the so called "loserish" sport of ultimate and instead hace everyone playing soccer or basketball.

  derangedplanet  |  23

Or because not everyone likes watching men jump all over eachother to get a ball into a net or field. in reality, I enjoy watching ultimate more than a lot of other sports. and if racing eachother in a pool is a sport, then why can't strategically maneuvering a Frisbee be one?

  gmian  |  33

46- How is that any different than football, soccer, basketball, or any other traditional sports? You're trying to successfully get an object from one place to another