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  JFurr  |  9

He or she might not even be American. It never specified anything. I'd say let him trash Americans. It can be debated whether or not we're the leading world power, but there's no doubting we're one of the top.


I guarentee you stereo-type people on a bus before you set next to someone. Same at a movie theater or a plane. So because I made a reference that alot of Americans are fat im wrong? And 33 America being a leading power in the world has nothing to do with a fat person breaking a bed. So a big Wtf to you.

  Sinamoi  |  18

I am saddened that you would stereotype us ninjas as cold blooded, midnight muderers. We are a trained and civil society. Many of us are working to acquire Ph.D's in assassinating, stealth, and African American history.


Fluttershy thinks it should be required for all ninjas to take her speciality course---"How to Care For All Living Creatures." She thinks that would dissuade them from becoming trained assassins.

  DocBastard  |  38

TriflingAllDay - Please take your ridiculous generalisations elsewhere. And please understand that this isn't an American site. Many of the OPs and commenters are not American, so you can't assume this was written by an American.

Oh, and fuck you for acting like an ass clown.

  Sparks808  |  10

That's sweet, though. I'm sorry it didn't end up so well. Boyfriend's FML: Today, I tried to be sexy by picking up my girlfriend and throwing her on the bed. She ended up going right through the bed, sexy time over. FML

  Quinn32  |  16

At first I was also thinking that the bed was probably just after consideration I have decided that OP must be a ghost and that is why OP was able to actually fall "through" the bed.

  flockz  |  19

yep pretty self explanatory....

OP's elephant loves to cuddle in the early hours of the morning, playing Monopoly and watching Swamp People therefore wearing out the bed from extended use. who wouldn't know that?

  gracehi  |  31

That was my first thought too, but then I realized that if she was heavy enough to break a bed, her boyfriend probably couldn't lift her, much less throw her. I think they probably just have a cheap bed. :/