By recmonty - 17/05/2012 03:53 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, in a training class, I got to see a picture of what can happen when a man does not wear a safety harness correctly. For those of you who are unaware, male body parts are easily severed by loose straps. I cannot un-see that picture. It wasn't even a harness safety class. FML
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Well, now you know to always wear your safety harness correctly.

His penis must have hit the emergency ejection button before impact. "mayday, mayday, we are going down..."


Goodness! Could you be any less graphic?! I mean when you're posting about severed body parts ya gotta be more descriptive...I wanna know exactly what part(s) ;D

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Number 6 is an accomplished thread jacker. Bravo.

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Iv seen those pictures too they aren't that bad. It is a little gross though

I certainly won't because I'll be sure to never go anywhere near a safety harness again!

Numero 6 è una testa di cazzo. Vaffanculo.

Well, now you know to always wear your safety harness correctly.

Perhaps the point could have been just as easily made without showing the OP a severed penis. And while I'm at it, a moment of silence for this man and his loss. *removes hat*

Don't think he's considered a man anymore

He still has his testicles. So yeah, he's still a man.

Google the pain Olympics. It's worse

No. Don't Google the BME Pain Olympics. That guy does something with a hatchet that can not be unseen. He didn't even win either! It was some guy that jumped off a 2nd(?) story building. It's so gross you have to Easter Egg hunt it across the interweb now.

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If you're talking about the BME Pain Olympics: Final Round, it's fake. The creator of the video said both guys are the same person with makeup, and no actual body mutilation happened.

20, I don't know if it was a severed penis or a ruptured ballsack. I've seen both.

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I suggest you never go rock climbing.... Or anything else that has to do with a harness.

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I don't think it's the norm to rock climb in school.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it was a training class for a job that involves safety harnesses.

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Skydiving for dummies!!!!!!!!!! :)

It was actually a forklift class so I am still unsure why we were shown the picture. So glad I'm a woman though!

At least the guy in the video has his body parts safely stored in a jar in his bedroom now...

How do you know he stores it in his bedroom?

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Maybe, maybe not. Depends how fast paramedics were. People have had their severed penis reattached before so long as its done quickly after the injury and the severed penis is kept on ice to slow decay.

Theres no mention of the man being naked...

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Probably bc they were taking a picture of his severed junk to show people what happens when you don't wear a harness correctly.

11- that's got to be a joke right? You can't be that dumb surely?

48- Can you please elaborate? I really think it's unfair and ignorant of you to be calling him dumb without giving a proper reason.

51- the proper reason was clearly stated in the comment he was replying to.

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I know what you mean...some things that happen to people are insane! I've seen a guys whole face blown off essentially by a bomb, yet he was still alive and even awake...human bodies are weeeiiiird

I've seen the same thing with a police officer shot directly in the face with a shotgun slug point-blank and survive. Weird, indeed.

His penis must have hit the emergency ejection button before impact. "mayday, mayday, we are going down..."

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Br0ccoli....... you never fail to amuse me.

"Balls to penis, come in penis. Eject, eject now!"

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43 - Roger that balls, ejecting in 3.... 2... WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!! ABORT ABORT!!!

Balls to Penis: "This is not what I meant by ejaculation!!"