By Godhelpme - United States - Houston
Today, in a last ditch attempt to get away from my psycho coworker, I made my boss transfer me to another branch in the district. My coworker was immediately moved to that branch, because we "work well together". FML
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  brettrb  |  18

Exactly. If you haven't made it clear how you feel, you can't blame your Boss for not knowing. You deserve to have a good experience at work each day, and if your Boss knows that your coworker negatively affects your work flow I'm sure it's in his best interest to split you up as well. Good luck OP.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

From the way this FML is written,I don't see any stalking. Or anything near that in fact. It's written as though management decided to keep the pair together, not as though the psycho coworker asked for a transfer as well.

That being said, filing a complaint or speaking informally with the boss is probably a really good idea.

  NandaPanda  |  22

Yes, this is true. But we don't know who's idea it was to transfer the coworker as well as OP. For all we know, his coworker could have made the plea to his boss, stating that they "work well together", and convinced the boss to transfer him as well. We need more details before coming to a solid conclusion. That is why I said it sounds as if the OP may have a stalker, and not that his coworker is most definantly stalking him.

  aruam365  |  24

It's not as easy as "just get a restraining order" you have to have proof that person is stalking you and unless there's text messages or emails, there may not really be any.

  aruam365  |  24

Even if it's really bad there isn't always proof though, I've had a stalker and couldn't get a restraining order despite it being basically non-stop like waiting outside my house because there wasn't any evidence. It's not as easy as you'd think.


Didnt you have any photo evidence ? I mean you could take a photo then upload it to a computer cause then it saves the date also its also good if you have one of those cameras that shows the date a video was taking so for the duration of the stalking you could video tape each day its happened then put it up as evidence

By  mr_aaaaaaaa  |  12

Pick ur nose in front of him and disgust him every day, he will leave soon