By Ant - / Monday 4 March 2019 17:00 / United States - Houston
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  cazziuz1983  |  7

Saying you would clap someone's cheeks isn't a way to srxually harass someone.. Since in and of its self said once, it's not sexual harassment... Swear you people need to learn what is and isn't harassment of any type, or better yet just learn to shut the fuck up about it. Till you do learn better manners

  BeefyQueefy  |  12

So people don't have the right to go to work without hearing about what some creep wants to do to them? Making someone uncomfortable with sexual comments is harassment. Jesus those HR videos they make us watch at work are made for people like you


Interesting, so according to Cazziuz I could walk up to my female boss and ask to juggle her breasts with my face and not get into any trouble. As long as I only say it once right??
Yeah now you know how damn stupid you sound.

By  simmpandher  |  24

It's technically not sexual harassment if it only happened once and if OP apologized. It would be sexual harassment if OP was saying that repetitively. Being drunk isn't an excuse but an apology for your drunken words can go a long way. It just goes to show how unprofessional OP was during his business trip.

By  davidfong  |  14

First off you need lay off the drinks, especially if when your drunk you do stupid crap.
I would apologize and maybe send her some flowers ( not really sure it would be creepy after what you said)

I’ve worked at a hotel before and I had people say some crazy stuff before. So I’m sure she wasn’t surprised by the inappropriate comment. When I was working some guy ask one of the maid if she wanted to make a porno with him.

By  demix_fml  |  27

Did you ever think what the poor girl, has to go through every time she sees you? Awkward and uncomfortable comes to mind. She probably thinks your a complete perv.

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