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Ignorance is bliss

Avoided the 'Heal and Fitness' section and went straight to the 'Dessert' section, I presume? Looks like social networking DOES have some similarities to reality. EDIT: Dammit Noor, you beat me to it!


Ignorance is bliss

The colors blue and brown go perfectly together

I am sorry 27 I think you misunderstand humor, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

If ignorance is bliss, #27 must be in heaven.

37 - Or you are simply mislead to the existence of the Rods. Never misjudge until you don't not consider it anymore.

Going to the gym might provide a more long term bliss than ignorance would :/

maybe you should hit the gym then if you're not comfortable with yourself.. don't get yourself down! everyone's beautiful!

I wondered how many comments it would be until someone moron posts that this fat ass is beautiful. No they aren't, and obesity will keep rising if we act like it's not a problem. When you are so against getting healthy and losing weight that you refuse to even look at things that could offer better lifestyle choices I have zero sympathy for you.

I'm not saying that OP shouldn't try to improve his/herself, but just to not feel bad when she sees others who are healthier. And if she feels so crappy about her appearance and lifestyle, she should hit the gym or eat healthier. Also, you don't know if she is obese, she might be just slightly overweight, or not overweight at all, but just the thought of seeing half naked girls or guys with perfect stomachs and legs makes her feel so bad. I do believe that she deserves it, but she doesn't have to sufferfor the rest of her life. She can make a difference for herself.

You may be right, but in the spirit of FML I have a vision of the guy (or girl) from the WoW southpark episode, eating Doritos and drinking gallons of mt dew.

11- He never said that fat is sexy, he just said everyone is beautiful, what's wrong with that? #2 didn't say to stay fat, or to blow up like a balloon animal, he literally told her to get a gym membership.

Wow, did I really get moderated for saying we should stop condoning people being fat?! I guess FML isn't a funny/entertaining site anymore, but is exclusively for pity parties and pick me ups. And no everyone is not beautiful, nor is everyone a winner, successful, and intelligent. However, everyone has the ability to be all of these things of they WORK at it. Sitting on your ass not getting an education, not working out/eating healthy, not doing what is needed to be successful, and not trying to change a shitty life does make you an ugly, fat, unsuccessful, stupid, loser! Sooner or later people will stop working hard at things if everyone rewards doing NOTHING all the same (and sadly it's happening at a rapid pace in America).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore that statement is probably incorrect.

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There are loads of reasons why people have a low self-esteem. If OP is purposefully avoiding the "Health and Fitness" section, they, possibly, have a low self-esteem. Improving may not come so easy depending on she avoids it. My (probably obvious) guess is that OP isn't fit, thus may feel uncomfortable seeing those fit, skinny, maybe even good looking people out there sporting their legs and and flat tummies and whatnot. Some people may not care. It's different for people.

3-You've obviously never had self-esteem issues. Don't be so insensitive.

3- one does not simply have a high self esteem

41, I am fit and healthy, but those things on Pinterest and tumblr do bring down my esteem, despite being physically slim. I'd rather ignore it than feel inadequate.

Not really, from what I recall in my life, I never had any serious self esteem issues. Just be proud of who you are really. That's my philosophy. If you're a little overweight, then just do your best to go back to normal weight. I just see laziness in the OP. So, I don't know why my comment got thumbed down when I didn't have any bad intentions. And 41 - I don't like you, please don't talk to me. You think you know everything.

53- is she also not invited to your birthday party?

Good one.

Am I the only one who laughed when 41 said "they, possibly, have low self esteem"? I thought that information was pretty obvious, considering how OP worded the story.

60 - You're not alone, lol. Some people like to waste time pointing out the obvious...

or you could attempt to improve your health & fitness

really? I thought OP should run from their problems

^ Literally? Because that would improve OP's health and fitness! :D

that was my joke xD

Doing something about your Health and Fitness will also help you keep up your self-esteem.

Not always; I had lost a few pounds after feeling bad about my weight, and I was still self-consious. OP needs friends to support him too.

No, not always. But it is the first and often hardest steps to take. Most people feel self-conscious about something. It's just human nature.

Looking at that section could also be motivation to change your diet and exercise routine.

Why do fat people post on FML for sympathy? Dude, just don't go to McDonalds... Might sound harsh, but instead of posting for sympathy on the computer, hit the gym. :/

Avoided the 'Heal and Fitness' section and went straight to the 'Dessert' section, I presume? Looks like social networking DOES have some similarities to reality. EDIT: Dammit Noor, you beat me to it!

And I misspelled 'Health'. Wow. Disclaimer: Noor saw my comment and went back in time to use it. And THEN she went back in tine to reply before I could. Do your ninja abilities know no bounds?

And now time* was misspelled! ManInTheMachine, I think your spellchecking software may have a virus. Ninja Noor is sabotaging you!

Well just set goals for yourself and work on them and eventually you can look at that

You know what else is proven to raise your life expectency, overall well-being, AND your self esteem? Cardio, yoga, and plyometrics. Think about it OP ;) coz I know you don't wanna be that fatass whale bitch who sit on the sofa in three feet of soda cans.

And something I forgot to add in. If you have to, exercise with a friend and you're more likely to stick with it.

Oh god... Plyometrics... I had to do that for school a few months ago for p90x and it was not fun... But if you're dedicated to doing it, it can be extremely good for you.