By Anonymous - / Saturday 26 September 2009 23:02 / Canada
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  plexico  |  3

Energy_drink, I don't mean to jump on you personally, because I see this pattern day in and day out.

Why does everybody always think the OP is the "good guy" in this story and the other person is a "douchebag," "ass," "asshole," etc. that doesn't deserve to be with the wonderful OP?

Would we all think the other way of this pair of people if he wrote in first? Today, my friend for whom I have absolutely no sexual attraction told me that she "loves" me. I dearly love her company and friendship, but have no romantic interest in her whatsoever. She wants a reply. I'm panicking. FML.

Would we think the guy is the good one in this story and the girl is the creeper that is out of line?

  bethinabox  |  0

It doesn't sound to me like this guy "dearly loves her company and friendship". Blocking her phone number and rejecting her on facebook, when he could've simply said, "thanks, but I'm just not attracted to you like that" kinda shouts "ASS". And "this is my reply"? Really?

  plexico  |  3

This guy COULD be an ass, but he could also be an OK guy who is freaked out. I've had female friends before for whom I've had no romantic attraction (and hoped they had none for me), and if they were to spring something like this on me, I'd probably panic, too.

If you think you could just say you don't feel the same way and NOT end the friendship, you are naive. Then again, you would have to look back on the whole friendship thing as a big lie -- she really wanted romance the whole time (or at least from some point in the past.) You might want to look back and see if you've done anything to lead her on.

It could be very complicated and confusing, and I don't think either of use can state with certainty that the guy is an ass or the victim of an ambush.

  plexico  |  3

girlygirl, I hope the funny is in the six or seven other comments I left on today's other FMLs.

turbosexo..., thanks. I'm actually showing you all a little of how I do what I do. I've always found it amazing that almost everyone takes one side when an FML shows up. I take the other side to make you think, and often laugh.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Plexico, does this story rings a familiar sound to you or anything??
Why are you so defensive of the jerk?
It's just plain ridiculous, the guy is a jerk and the girl is better off without him. Nothing in there gives any indication it's the opposite, because it's not...

  Reyo  |  2

Plexico, what did you do as a reply? Did you say "I'm sorry, but I'm just not ready" or "I'm just not attracted to you that way" or did you do what the guy in the FML did and block her number, reject her facebook and basically tell her to "go to hell"?

I'm guessing it's the first...

  plexico  |  3

Moemoemoe & Reyo,

I've been lucky in that I have (so far) always been able to tell which way a relationship is going to go pretty early on. I've had ex-girlfriends remain friends and have never sensed they wanted anything more. This story doesn't say how long she know this guy, but we've seen many stories where one person was in love with their "friend" for many years without revealing their true feelings.

I can think of many times when I've had a close female friend and confidante and would have really been devastated to find that she had romantic feelings for me. I'd be flattered that she felt that way about me, but ashamed that I don't feel the same about her. It would be confusing and I don't think I could immediately think of a good response.

  plexico  |  3

My reply was summed up in the first sentence. I've been fortunate that this situation has never ACTUALLY happened to me, even if the circumstances leading up to it have.

  palleas_fml  |  0

while I'll agree it's a bit easy to always assume OP is the good guy, and also that's it's not so easy to have someone you love as a friend tell you she/he wants more when you don't, in that case, that's not panicking and doing something stupid, that's way too methodical ^^
He's not an ass because he didn't return her feelings, he's an ass because of the way he did it.

And somehow, I'm just guessing you just like taking the counterpoint of everyone else ;)
devil's advocate ^^

By  Geist_fml  |  0

YDI. Why? There had to be some indications that he was an asshole. There was no way he just became all childish when you said you liked him. There are other smarter, mature and friendlier fish in the sea. Don't be picky!


But we don't know how she confessed her "love" for him. It could have been anything from this:

"I've liked you a long time, and I'm finally getting the courage to confess that. Do you think we could possibly have a chance?"

all the way to the other end of the spectrum here:

"I'm madly in love with you. I watch you when you sleep, and I steal your underwear to sniff until I crygasm. Sometimes, I even crawl into your bed at night and cuddle with you. I love you. Do you love me, too? If you say no, I'll crawl into your bedroom tonight and cut you into 43 pieces and eat you. because if I can't have you, NOBODY WILL."



mercy: it's +10 emotion if both partners crygasm. +20 if it's simultaneous, and +50 if the moans of the crying are harmonized with each other (of course, with each point gain, it must include the previous achievements as well).

ariel: I'm always the one getting cut up and sewn back together :,C

  arielhoee  |  9

Hmph well, I have high expectations..I don't have the time to be slow cooking you! D;
You should know it's coming, & already have been ready to be eaten. Shame on you. -slaps your hand-


Take it or leave it, baby boo.

Mercy got the explosion of rainbow skittles because she knows how to prepare me. Seriously. Cut in the right place, and I explode into either skittles or cheesecake bites.

  arielhoee  |  9

;O life? Oh shizz. Guess I should've thought about it before. ]:
& FYI I didn't taste any skittles or cheesecake. I blame Mercy for stealing all the skittle-taste. :C


Yeah, that's the basic gist of it. It involves some other horribly grotesque things massively frowned upon both in public AND in private, along with some complicated potion-making, but it's too late to get into the details.

  arielhoee  |  9

Omfg wtfff. You should have a warning sign on you. *_* i guess I'll just have to deal with the fact I'm stuck with you for life. Potions aren't my style, although grotesque is, not just because I love that word. ;D
& it's late? I thought it was early. :|

By  birds_fml  |  7

Don't let his dickiness deter you from doing the same thing to someone else. Most people who aren't interested will tell you politely, but most importantly, you can't get what you want if you don't take a chance. Don't be like a friend of mine, who's never taken a chance with a guy, and is now 28, a virgin, and never even been on a date. She's waiting for the right guy to come along and court her.

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