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  pronounciations  |  5

Why the he'll would that happen?


this is what his actions really meant, by throwing the flower out, it's his way of saying I want to throw away my life to be with you. and by wrapping the poem in gum, means he wants you to be wrap something around a sticky substance. really some people are stupid...

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Next boyfriend wow I'd be gutted too and I would kick his ass out the house if your so called "boyfriend" can't appreciate something so sweet something so special from the heart then he doesn't deserve you !! Fuck that douche bag

  Iskaria  |  0

I'm thinking more that OP should know her boyfriend well enough to not leave something he clearly would have no interest in. She did something she would like, so it wasn't for him she did it really, it was for herself.

Besides, there aren't many guys that dig that soppy stuff. If she wanted a partner with a vagina she could have just got a girlfriend.


  maximum408  |  0

#1 and #57 are whipped. I'm sure the guy appreciated the flower but what is a guy supposed to do with a flower these days lol. this doesn't make him a bad boyfriend..

  gofferurself  |  10

Unless there is some reason why you make a comment like that, you have just proven yourself to be little better than the Klan. Disrespectful and prejudiced bigots who seek to destroy 'the other' because they are too little minded to accept something different than their own norm.

  Crystalosophy  |  0

Not all guys are 'simple' and even if he is a 'simple' guy that doesn't give him the right to be unappreciative of the fact that she went out of her way to show him she cares about him, who cares how she showed it, he's an 'simple' idiot.

  DjeePee  |  24

Because she didn't expect her boyfriend to be an insensitive asshole. I don't want to hear any sexist bullshit, it's not because someone has a penis, that he has lost the capacity to be romantic, or at least decent. Some women are not romantic, some men are not romantic, but I think that the majority of people would like an attention like that and even if they didn't, they would know that it's so damn disrespectful to throw away gifts.

I've got some rubbish presents from my boyfriend, but I know that, sometimes, it's all about the gesture. OP's boyfriend showed a very fucked-up gesture.

  SGT_DBL  |  15

Well said #39. Most men aren't big on poetry, but it was still the jesture which counted and that should have been respected. Poetry isn't anywhere near the top of the list of gifts I would like to receive from a woman I was in a relationship with, but atleast I would accept it knowing she was trying to show she cares about me.

  DjeePee  |  24

Boaf, we don't know how long they are together. And even if they are a couple for years (which I doubt), they can still buy wrong presents for eachother. Heck, my parents know me for 19 years, and I'm still getting unwanted gifts. But I never use a non-appreciated gift as a gum wrapper and throw it away, that's just plain disrespectful.

I understand people not liking roses and probably bad poems (sorry OP), but there is something called 'decency'. OP made effort, made a nice gesture, and her boyfriend clearly didn't give a shit. That's NOT a good mentality if you're in a relationship.

  ethiorican  |  0

I'm sorry but I don't know if it's that I give them no credit or what but a man wouldn't get the sentiment of keeping a homemade gift and clearly he didn't
in truth I would be more crushed if a best girlfriend of mine trashed a handmade item then a man. he did just what I would expect read it trashed it and thought flowers are gay oh well and trashed that too

  spazmattic  |  0

I would hang the rose up and let it dry out so I could preserve the memory of the day I came home to a rose and poem -Instead of the day my girlfriend seduced me or did any of the countless free things that will get any straight guy to melt in your hands. He's been insensitive to her awful choice of ways to say I love you.
Give the guy a break, at least he didn't fuck
her sister or best friend.