By Anonymous - 27/08/2011 01:11 - United States

Today, I wrote "I love you" on my girlfriend's Facebook wall. She completely freaked out and accused me of being "too clingy" and that I'm starting to feel more like a stalker than a boyfriend. FML
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She just couldn't handle it because it's facebook official.

Sha41491 0

she's cheating


borkchop1992 15

your girlfriend is one weird girl.

Good. You can message her or something because no one cares about seeing that shit.

She might not be weird.. how long have you two been dating? Have you said it to her face yet? Cause if you've been dating for a week, being creeped out is justifiable. Clingy guys are super annoying. If it's a solid relationship, then she's crazy.

yeah, if it was posted on facebook, ***** getting real.

BehindU 5

how many times have you told her you love her

n_epic_fail 14

why is she "weird?" depending on the length of their relationship "I love you's" shouldn't be dropped anywhere and everywhere like its nothing.

Im drunk so you coulda said this at any stage of the relationsihop and she woulda freaked out. I maean I'm telling girls I don't know that I love them and they say u love you back based on how mych alcohol we've both had. my bad. I don't normally post drunk so enjoy it

You posted a romantic message on her public wall which was recieved negatively.. No one wants to see that, get an inbox.

It seems like OPs gf got commitment issues

Alexisthebestest 16

It sounds like a commitment problem to me. Just give it a while OP, she'll come around once she's comfortable around you :)

It's not just guys you know. Why does everything always turn into some form of descrimination...

iluvboobies 9

Don't be too harsh on her OP. She had a hard day: first the doctor lifted her shirt to check her heartbeat during routine exam, and then it made her so depressed that now she's going to need a new stronger antidepressant with a $100 copay.

iluvboobies 9

'Stalker' is such a harsh word! I prefer 'boundary challenged'.

Finn_the_human 5

There's got to be more to this story that your not telling us. If not then she's just weird.

She just couldn't handle it because it's facebook official.

tsume24 3

what I wouldn't give for my boyfriend to write nice things on my Facebook wall once in a while...OP's girlfriend is completely ungrateful /:

Your picture makes me horny. ;3

81 - Ew.. what the? What would provoke someone to not only feel that way about either picture above, but to go out of their way to tell the person? *Shudders*

thesunsetglow_fml 8

She/he maybe likes spiderman and buttsex?

LaydiexSkull 3

-89, 81 is just expressing himself.

You should of wrote it on someone else's wall

more like she is paranoid..............

More like OP is Ted Mosby from How I met your mother..

Majstr 23

More like he is writing this everywhere.


You can do better

Maybe "I love yous" are better/less "stalkerish" in person than on facebook between you two.

She was trying to say... If OP were to tell his girlfriend that he loves her IN REAL LIFE as opposed to on Facebook that it would be less stalkerish. Which is still bullshit.

Excuse me number 6, I just have to let you know, you have the most awesome picture I have ever seen on this website.

nancy520xd 0

Say it in person instead If she still thinks it's creepy dump her

agreed & nice picture of TOP #8

nancy520xd 0

Ahha. He's hot (:

nucky_fml 5

All stalkers have to start somewhere

mikaylajarvis 0

lol love that comment!!!!!!

Sha41491 0

she's cheating

nucky_fml 5

Or looking for an excuse to break up to be with someone else

TraceCase_ 19

Yup, cheating or ashamed of you. Either way, it's bad news.