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Today, I worked for three hours writing very neat notes with one of those pens that erase. I felt very accomplished, so decided to share it on Facebook. I brought my computer over to my lap on top of my notes. Turns out heat from laptops smudges ink from eraseable pens. I can't read my notes. FML
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wtf??? why would you share that? nobody caressss.

OH NO!!!! How will you be able to live!?!??! stupid. fucking. post.


XD that does suck... I prefer my pens unerasable and 100% permenant > u

I had an erasable pen once.

It's called liquid graphite

OH NO!!!! How will you be able to live!?!??! stupid. fucking. post.

FYL for bragging!

Don't you mean YDI?

wtf??? why would you share that? nobody caressss.

well that was a bit stupid, you could put them anywhere on a table or something but you had to put it under a hot laptop where stuff y'know.. gets hot! how fucking dumb. why can't you just use a normal pen like everybody else? there wouldnt be a problem then would there.

have fun writing em again!

If you care about them being so neat, just type them up.

THIS, THIS, THIS. Also, way to put something made of wood (paper) under an object that gives off high amounts of heat. Maybe if your lap had caught on fire, you wouldn't be so worried about "neatness". YDI. That aside, I'm pretty sure no one uses erasable pen past the sixth grade. The novelty wears off by then.

Wow, fuck you right back. First of all, the "safe" temperature for a laptop is between 100-125 degrees Fahrenheit. Paper catches on fire at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Get the stick out of your ass and use YOUR brain.

Back_In_Action - "the "safe" temperature for a laptop is between 100-125 degrees Fahrenheit. Paper catches on fire at 100 degrees Fahrenheit." Fail. Where I live, it's not terribly uncommon during the summer for the temp to reach 100 deg F. And I've never seen paper spontaneously combust in that heat. Paper catches on fire either by being touched by fire, or being under EXTREME heat, like in an oven, or a combination of extreme heat and extreme dryness, not something lame like 100 deg F (or 38 deg C, like we say where I live). Paper can easily withstand that temperature. That heat might make it more likely to catch fire if there was a spark, but it won't *create* the fire unless there are other contributing factors.

*sigh* Paper "spontaneously combusts" when the surrounding temperature is 451 degrees Fahrenheit. With the aid of a direct heat source, paper catches fire at 100 degrees. You are correct, but I am not wrong, either, You're just reiterating my point.

Yep! Neater, easier to read, won't scrunch up and you can swap notes with your friends so you both have a copy, you also save paper and I find it faster to type than write neatly.

if you use extreme computer duster...and spray it...or actually put them in the freezer, the cold will make the ink re-appear if its the pen im thinking of...

what pen ARE you thinking of :| lol

That sounds like an awesome pen! I would totally do that just for shits and giggles. Maybe fuck with my friends' heads a bit.

The ink didn't disappear, it got smudged.

kayladanielle93 is right. My husband has a pen with eraseable ink, and the ink is eraseable by heat, which is probably the same as the OP's pen. The eraser doesn't actually erase the ink, it just causes friction when you rub it on the paper, which creates heat, which renders the ink invisible. Sticking it in the freezer possibly would bring it back. But like others said, the OP's ink didn't go invisible, it just smudged.

yeah, the friction pens by pilot is what im thinking of, my fiance' uses them, thats how i knew about the hot/cold tirck

Why would you bother sharing that crap on facebook?

it's probably the most exciting post on their profile ;)

Fake. A) No one would spend 3 hours taking notes by hand when they have a laptop literally right there next to them B) No one would think to brag about spending 3 hours taking notes on Facebook C) Writing a status or even just browsing FB doesn't take long enough to create the heat necessary to "smudge" your notes Although all three are, in fact, possible if OP is a brutally-retarded, friendless loser who should not be stealing oxygen from the rest of us, which I admit is a distinct possibility.

Hey!! Sometimes I write my notes even if I can type them. It kinda like "cements" them in your brain more. Taking the time to write it out makes me remember what I wrote easier than typing it quickly.

A) Not everyone is like you. Thank God. B) See above C) That's only the reason she got the computer in the first place. Shockingly, there are more things to do on the internet than Facebook. The intense level of hypocrisy in your comment would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically sad.

So #18, you think it's ok to try to correct #15 and fail at the same time? Cause if so, you really have no place in this conversation and can back off right now. I may not support each harsh statement he made, but he was completely right in most cases, how can you be against that? (Kudos for those who get the reference.) Seriously, for all we know, the OP only went on the laptop to go on facebook to brag about something idiotic. Don't call other posts pathetically sad when yours is worse.

@18, I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about. It's makes me a hypocrite to point out that the human wrist can't withstand 3 hours of extremely measured note-taking by hand without falling behind the lecture AND getting a really nasty case of carpal tunnel? It makes me a hypocrite to point out that no person on earth would bother bringing an expensive laptop to a 3 hour cram session and risk breaking it or losing it, if the only reason to bring it would be update your status on Facebook, when using your phone to text them would suffice? And, weirdest of all, it makes me a hypocrite to point out that there simply isn't enough heat generated in a freshly booted laptop to smudge the ink on an entire stack of notes, erasable ink or not? (Also, "the reason she got the computer in the first place" was to smudge her the ink on her notes with the heat of her laptop? What?) Because, see, calling me a hypocrite implies that I secretly do these things that I say nobody does. I don't. Nobody does them, because this FML is fake, contrived and poorly executed.

@24: I think #18 had every right to say what they were saying in the defence of the OP. You had no right to say that #24 shouldn't be arguing against another post. This is what this comment section is for. To discuss. I never type my notes because I lose files alot and writing the out helps you remember the material better. Some people like typing, some people like writing. I'm sorry but "we all [DONT] know" that the OP went onto facebook. That's just an assumption that you're making. Just because you spend all your time on facebook doesn't mean the OP has to.

Sorry, misread FML. However, this laptop may have been on and she may have been copying notes from lectures posted online. Plausible. I get annoyed when people shout fake at every single thing they encounter. It's like saying "Thats photoshopped' "That too" "And that" "Fakeee".

#33: I'm pretty sure that the OP spent three hours AFTER the lecture re-copying all of their notes. I know when I take notes while keeping up with the lecture, it can get pretty disastrous. Had I the discipline to do them over neatly, it would take me three hours, I'm sure. I'm not sure what your second point is. However, I know lots of people, myself included, like to share little things as Facebook statuses. That's pretty much why the function exists. Not everyone does. That's understandable too. Who said the computer was freshly booted up? For all we know, it could have been on for hours, thus generating plenty of heat to smear the ink.

#15/33 You're assuming she did this in class. I know a lot of people who rewrite their notes after class when they study as a method of studying, and to make them easier to read for future studying. She never mentioned a 3hr session, or that she was in class where she'd fall behind while typing her notes. #18 is partially right. By partially, I mean only their 3rd point. I don't see how you're a hypocrite or pathetically sad. #24 He wasn't right, or wrong. He was speculating. You can disagree with speculations. "Don't call other posts pathetically sad when yours is worse"

#15 - "A) No one would spend 3 hours taking notes by hand when they have a laptop literally right there next to them" Actually, I know people who handwrite notes because it helps them remember the info better than typing it. I used to do that but got lazy :P "B) No one would think to brag about spending 3 hours taking notes on Facebook" Actually... yes, they would. When someone feels they've made an accomplishment (and when you're a student, sticking with note-taking for 3 hours is an accomplishment) they often share it on FB. I graduated not that long ago and I reckon it's something I might have done. "C) Writing a status or even just browsing FB doesn't take long enough to create the heat necessary to "smudge" your notes" Do you even know how eraseable ink works? It's eraseable because it's heat-sensitive. When you rub the eraser over the ink, the friction creates heat which renders the ink invisible. It doesn't need to be very hot. So yes, a laptop could easily create enough heat to smudge, or even completely erase, eraseable ink. Some laptops get hot very quickly and very easily. And you don't know how long the laptop had been on for and what else she might have been doing on it. But like I said, it doesn't need much heat to ruin eraseable ink. Also regarding your comment #33, The OP was obviously not in a lecture, but re-wrote her notes AFTERWARDS. And she didn't necessarily take her laptop to a cram session (although I know people who would), she was probably doing this at home or in her dorm room. And you don't get carpal tunnel from 3 hours of note-taking. You get carpal tunnel from weeks, even months, of over-use. Not a few hours. I've had exam blocks made up of several 2 or 3 hour exams that I've had to write by hand (and seeing as I was a journalism student, these were long-answer, essay questions, not multiple choice) and only got a cramped hand, not frigging carpal tunnel. Yes, #18 was stupid because they don't know what a hypocrite is. But none of your arguments hold any water anyway.

@46 I don't agree that it is so clear that she was re-writing her notes. For one thing, that wasn't explicitly said, although I guess she didn't say one way or the other. Second, if you're going to spend three hours writing very neat notes, why use an erasable pen? What's to "erase" if you're being so neat and thorough for three hours? No, you'd use an erasable pen if you wanted to get the benefits of bright ink with the benefits of erasing your mistakes, and taking notes in a lecture for three hours, you're going to make a lot of mistakes. Besides, if she WAS re-writing her notes...then she still has her originals, and hasn't lost anything except for three hours of effort. Big deal. But more to the point, do YOU know how erasable ink works? Because what you described is NOT how erasable pens work. Google "how does erasable ink work" and read just about any result and you'll find that erasable ink is basically colored rubber cement. Erasing it has nothing to do with heat, it has to do with the fact that it doesn't instantly seep into the paper like oil/dye ink does and can be wiped off. If you let it dry, it becomes permanent, but until then, it's not officially "written." You could use something cold or hot to erase it, it doesn't matter. So it's friction, NOT heat. And a laptop on a lap doesn't cause friction. I'm not an rubber cement scientist or anything, but I'd have to guess that if anything, the heat is gonna dry the rubber cement, aye? You are right about the carpal tunnel, though. I was aiming for "sore wrist" and I should have kept it at that. The sore wrist was also contingent on her taking notes continuously at some lecture. At home re-writing, she can always take breaks and it won't matter. But look, no matter what supposedly happened specifically, the whole thing is just so incredibly contrived and unrealistic. I have to question FMLs that come across like a Rube Goldberg series of unlikely coincidences in order for me to be convinced that their life is fucked.

I'm #18, and I just want to make it clear that the words 'pathetically sad' referred to the last phrase (something to do with 'wasting our oxygen'?), and none of the rest of it. I don't care about the finer details of whether something's fake or not: but if you're going to write such horrific abuse about someone on the internet based on assumptions, then you do have a problem. Oh, and I'm not being a hypocrite here: you made those insults based on assumptions that probably aren't right, whereas I made mine based on the solid fact that you told an innocent person they are retarded, brain dead and friendless. Again, the 'hypocrite' statement only referred to the surmations of the two posts, nothing else.

sorry wrong person !