By Anonymous
Today, I worked construction building a hotel. I was taking out the trash when I suddenly felt an extreme urge to poop. I ran into one of the rooms and found an empty cardboard box to poop into. Finished, I closed the box and made my way to the door. I then saw my boss staring at me from the closet. FML
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By  Pixiewolfe  |  46

Don't you have portable Loo's on site? How did you wipe? Where did you leave the box after? How did you wash your hands?

Most importantly, what on earth did your boss say after he came put of the closet??

By  RichardPencil  |  29

And in a few days, we'll see: "Today, I have a Ph.D. in medieval Hungarian poetry and to make a dent in my $200,000 student loan debt, I took a job cleaning up at a construction site. In one room, I found a sealed cardboard box and picked it up, and it seemed heavier than an empty box would be. I was excited as discovering lost property would contribute to advancement in my new career. Before bringing it to my boss (a closeted fellow, but that's another story), I wanted to examine the contents of the box to ensure it's value. As I opened it, the stench punched me in the face as I stared at shit -- not items of low value, no, literal shit (feces, excrement, dung!) I felt at that moment, I saw my life as this metaphor: a box of shit. Am I violating the 300-character limit? Hell, yeah, but did you not see "box of shit?" FML."