By welp - 27/12/2015 05:08 - United States - Grass Lake

Today, I worked a short shift at work, getting sent home early because it was slow. In the time I was gone, my family decided surprise me by rearranging my room and put in my new desk. They also surprised me when I learned that they'd spilled a slushie on my very expensive computer. FML
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Liquid cooling is all the rage now.

At least they didn't surprise you with an illegal gift


At least they had good intentions...?

If someone had good intentions in the first place, they would take care of your possesions and not clumsily drink slurpees near your stuff while fitting and putting together a desk inside your room.

At least they didn't surprise you with an illegal gift

Picking sets in Ohio :3

hahahahaha @thenerdexpress i thought the same!

You should ask nicely for another. If they say no, then sue them on Judge Judy. That would be hilarious.

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That really sucks OP, if it was a laptop I don't know what to tell you, but depending on how much slushie and where it went, the computer may still be salvageable.

Depending on how long they left it before cleaning it up, and whether it was running or not, the damage can vary. OP has the fun of testing every single component (after cleaning it up very carefully as they probably ignored the inside of the tower) to see what still works.

Liquid cooling is all the rage now.

Merry Christmas!

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Did you try turning it off and back on again?

are you fucking dumb?

It's a joke dumbass.

well, it's time to break up with your family. I'm sure you'll find a better family one day, you deserve better

It all balances out?

You can always give cleaning it with purified/distilled water a try.