By fail - United States
Today, I worked a car wash as a fundraiser. Being nice I figured I'd bring my car, get it washed, and donate some money. When it was my car's turn to be washed, everyone was conveniently busy washing other cars. My car was in front and needed to be washed and moved. I paid $10 to wash my own car. FML
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By  ZiggyMorrison  |  0

haha niether 3 or 4 were first

wow thats rather annoying but #2 how do you know it was a good cause the OP didnt say it could have easily been the principle needing a boob job

By  asxp10  |  0

I was thinking exactly the same thing as #10. If you weren't washing your car and others were, you'd still be washing a different car. Not an FML though, and the money goes to charity.