By Tyler - 06/05/2011 05:15 - United States

Today, I work at McDonald's. The entire crew, myself included, got visibly excited that we had new trash cans and dust pans. FML
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Now you have reason to stay.

Today, you work at McDonalds. Yesterday, Burger King. Tomorrow, KFC?


Now you have reason to stay.

I worked at McDonalds once, I got fired for suggesting people try to solve their problems with doctors and not food. I can't go within 50ft of a mcdonalds now :(

yeah im gonna call Bullshit on that one man

that's just how I felt then bye bye to the job. I miss my back window ! );

yea your right, I would stay for some new trash cans to

haha same happened to me but it was a new coffee and dozen coke machine haha

congratulations OP & his crew! I'm sure you all deserved it :)

therealfamilyguy, that's epic

i use to work at a pizza place and we would get excited when we got new mobs and brooms cause that made clean up a hell of a lot better. so i know how OP and the crew feel lol

Be careful OP, if you get too excited about those waste disposal products you might cream in your pants.

just wait until something really exciting happens to you in life! celebrate the small victories!

No one has thought up a dirty joke for 23's comment about missing her back window? I'm shocked!

u only work at mcdonalds today? where r u gonna work tomorrow?:0

I think this fml didn't need the second sentence

haha thats awsome ... im glad your excited about bullshit .. lololol

your comments are so awesome

holy shit that's fucking awesome, lucky

i wish i had a reason. to work there. i want new trash cans and other junk

Well, what else is there to look forward to at Mickey D's?

like your plucked eyebrows!

yeah dude you look like a fag

33- you made me giggle inside :)

lol 33 you are win. but it's really not sad to get excited about. you'd know if you stopped manscaping and got a job.

at least he is american... go back to where you cam from

100 you're an idiot! I am where I come from! and I also am where fmylife comes from! oh you didn't know it was french right? you thought americans invented everything? and people from UK and Australia are so gonna burn you (and your profil picture) alive! like I said previously you're an idiot!

Nothing wrong with cleaning up a bit IMO. Would you rather he had a unibrow?

117 i agree but he is far from the unibrow... he made himself two minibrows

Lol at Yaer, I was going to stand up for you, but I think you have it covered. Not clear about the profile pic comment and the UK/Australia, has the idiot changed his pic?

Today, you work at McDonalds. Yesterday, Burger King. Tomorrow, KFC?

it always begind with "today" and finishes with "FML"

thank you buzz killington

well obviously I didn't get the joke...

You're right, my first job WAS Burger King. Good job. =)

lol family guy joke

I laugh harder at idiots like 30 than at the actual FMLs

You work at McDonalds, fyl. So glad I left that hell hole

I used to work at one too the day I quit was the happiest day of my life

Oscar would've been happy too, but he's a fuckwad..

It's ok OP. I get excited when I buy a new notebook to write on.

rofl classic asian kid XD

i get excited for that too! call me a nerd, i dont care

I feel sorry for u .... NOT

at least you're optimistic and not complaining.

new trash cans are a big deal!