By chocofreak - 10/05/2009 10:23 - United States

Today, I work at a chocolate factory on the sanitation shift. I was under a machine cleaning and a spider fell on me. I started freaking out and a coworker thought I got caught in the moving parts and frantically pulled me out and alerted my boss. Turns out it was just a piece of caramel. FML
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aw, at least you have a sweet coworker the caramel alright?


Wow that sucks... I am now resisting the urge to yell out "first" because I hate it when people do that too.

I wish I worked at a chocolate factory :)

You should let Charlie know too.

Tell Willie I said Hi!

How do you mistake caramel for a spider?

#1: You just acknowledged that you were first. Well, wow. ROFL, that is hilarious.

aw, at least you have a sweet coworker

YDI for not thanking Allah! the caramel alright?

You have the best job ever!!!!

wtf? #5 What is up with you and all your Taliban and Allah comments? Anyways, this sounds eerily similar to crap I've pulled in the past!

ha ur an idiot LOL look next time instead of jumping to conclusions that a bug fell on you LOL

Stop acting like a freaking pussy, and next time just say, "Hmm, something fell on me" then look. Don't act like a freaking gorilla in the mist.

actually I can feel the pain pretty good. spiders are scary so I definitely would freak out, too.