By Anonymous - United States
Today, I work as a cashier, and Iike always I asked the customer paying credit to sign the "sheet" of paper. I recieved a dirty look from one woman who apparently talked to the manager about me, saying I had asked her to sign the "shitty" paper. I have now been warned for "derogatory language." FML
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  daniisme  |  0

yea u weren't fired that's good...

and the only way I can imagine you soundng sheet and shifty is if u were australian....

damn Aussies... over taking new Zealand D:

  sushi314  |  12

I worked as a cashier when I was in high school. Now I have a bachelor's degree. Working a crappy job doesn't necessarily mean you're an idiot - frankly, anyone is lucky to have a job right now.


I work as a cashier, too, because I'm in my first year of college. OP could be in the same situation or a bit younger. And I agree with #8. I know people who have educations that did nearly nothing for them career-wise.

  Horseyy  |  0

I'm actually a cashier right now but that's because i'm in school. There's nothing wrong with having a part time job. Mostly since college is expensive and my family isn't made of money.

Work for a change and stop mooching.

By  wiserman  |  0

you fail, because it isn't "derogatory" language you twit, it's "vulgar." derogatory would be if you insulted or were bigoted towards someone. or maybe it's your manager who fails for not knowing the difference. either way fyl for being stupid or having a stupid boss.

  Shadic  |  0

tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing; disparaging; depreciatory: a derogatory remark.

It would have been her "lessening the merit" of the piece of paper - Calling it shitty. Nice try at being a dick, though.


Yes, or "pussy paper" could also definitely sound like "piece of paper". :]

Or, instead of using a pen to sign a piece of paper, one could use a penis to sign a pussy paper!