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Today, I work 732 miles away from my wife and three children, and I rarely get to go home. After giving up many hours of family time to work on my last home visit, I returned to work only to have my boss accuse me of stealing time, dock me 50 hours, and "review" my employment for termination. FML
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Your boss is a dick

I hope you talk to your boss about this. It's really unfair to you, OP


Your boss is a dick

Well you are what you eat, but that's another story. Also, the perfect dickhead repellant is a lawyer and a well set up case in the event OP is fired.

The boss must love eating spotted dick then.

I hope you talk to your boss about this. It's really unfair to you, OP

Time to find a new job, hopefully one not as shitty as that one.

This might be a blessing in disguise. Now you can get a job closer to your family

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definitely illegal.... if you report the hours they're required to pay you. take it up with hr now or someone in the legal system if they fire you

Find a way to appeal that? If you can prove you didn't steal time, you should be off the hook, right? And if he refuses to believe it, go to a superior.

The onus is on the boss to prove he did steal it, not OP to prove he didn't.

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Don't ignore your loved ones for the sake of your job. There should be options out there, options that don't involve never seeing your family. If you fathered three children, think of them then! I realize that money is almost never enough, but you have to put your family first.

If the career he's trained for requires extended leave, maybe that's the only way he can support his family. That's like telling any man who works in the trades that he's not allowed to have a family. My hubby is an ironworker, and worksites are never close to home. There are positions available closer, but they don't even come close to paying the bills. I doubt OP chooses to be away for whatever career he has, but unfortunately, love doesn't buy food or shelter.

It may not buy food or shelter, but it does make the world go 'round. And it makes OP go 'round the world.

I guess our military aren't allowed to love anyone by your logic then?

Idk where you live but since OP lives in the U.S. (Such as myself) then he could lose his job by visiting his family when e should be working. He isn't ignoring them and he's thinking about his family by working to put food in the table even if he isn't there. My father was the same when I was younger only I never saw him because he left before I woke up and came home while I was asleep.

"I'm an over the road trucker with the liscenses required to haul hazardous loads and clear $125k a year. Better quit and take a local job losing $50k a year, instead." said no one ever. Sometimes there aren't options based on the skill set.

For anyone who says a lowering paying job doesn't pay the bills: how about downsizing your lifestyle? I'd rather be poor and with my family than have a large house in suburbia and never see my kids. It's about priorities, and people choosing money over their family aren't making the right ones top, if you ask me... I make $20,000 a year with an at home daycare. I own a 1000 sqft older home and an older car. My house will be mine, outright, in 3 years and the car always has been. Bills aren't too much and we get by well. I make my own schedule. And I get to do everything I want with my kids, sports, school whatever. I'm never miss any. I think that's more important than money.

#38 replying to #37: The post implies that they have a family; "we get by well". It also implies they have kids since they said they attend school activities and sports, etc. also, they live in a house. That includes paying a mortgage, food, electricity, etc. etc. So please tell me what you are talking about. The post you are replying to is not a single entity.

#38, I live with my disabled husband (military related), our daughter and a juvenile niece. I have a mortgage, no car payment as of now, but I plan on buying a used minivan in the next month or two (daycare's expanding, need a bigger vehicle). I pay all bills: electricity, water, mortgage, insurance, internet and cellphones. We don't do cable, but that wasn't a financial decision. Even with adding a car payment and added insurance, we'll still have enough every month to pay bills, keep food on the table and gas in the cars, put away savings and still have some money for fun activities with the kids. We're certainly not rich, but we get by just fine and we're together and happy. Once again, priorities.

37/40 you can get by on 20000 a year (+ whatever disability your husband might get) that's great for you. Most people can't. I couldn't. Supporting your family financially is one of the most important ways to support them. OP is doing what he has to do to be able to put food on the table and keep the lights on, I think his priorities are just fine.

Curious as to where you live that you can buy a house on $20k/year. Unless I wanted to live in a neighborhood where I fear my children being stabbed, shot, or contracting HIV from discarded needles, there's no way I could afford a house on that salary. My house is small, and my mortgage alone is $1000/month, which is insanely low compared to everyone else I know. Taxes, bills, and insurance, probably another $1000/month. Thank goodness my piece of shit car is paid off or we'd be living on generic Kraft Dinner. Kudos to you for being able to live so cheaply, but you are definitely in the minority.

call HR first. then if you don't get anywhere call department of labor.

I suggest looking for employment elsewhere op. With a cocksucker of a boss hindering you like that you'll never get anywhere no matter how much you deserve it. Some people just shouldn't be put in a position of power, your dickhead boss is a perfect example.

Consider "reviewing" your employment, too. That's a poisonous job environment.

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Probably wasn't worth it anyway. Find a job closer to home.