By Anonymous
Today, I woke up without my fiancé in bed next to me, but I assumed he'd gone to work early. I went on Facebook to find that he had posted a break-up post to himself from my account and set my status to single. I then found a note with "Sorry" written on it stuck to the kitchen counter. FML
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  MDTeddy  |  13

It was a horrible thing for him to do, but I wanna know why he did it. Clearly if you are that far in a relationship you probably love that person I hope unless you are heartless.

  MoroseMoose  |  47

Yup. Sounds like he was trying to save himself from looking like a jerk by ending it. So make him look like a jerk by explaining the situation to Facebook. If anything it will keep YOU from looking like an ass.

By  lukeyhoward79236  |  17

You'll soon find someone better, it'll take time but you'll find the right guy who loves you and treats you with love and respect :)

At least he didn't go through with the marriage and then do this to you, even though, he's still a horrible guy.

Just try to look on the bright side ^^