By Anonymous - 27/02/2012 12:29 - United States

Today, I woke up with the worst vaginal itching and swelling. I then find out it was brought on by my boyfriend's cheap brand of toilet paper. FML
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Guess your boyfriend's not as Charmin as you thought

I know right... Especially the 48th one...


Time to buy the toilet paper yourself?

I just realized that perhaps she doesn't live with her boyfriend. In that case, maybe you can just have some with you when you go to his house :)

True that my friend. True that

How Charmin… but all jokes aside that's too gross

What brand causes extreme vaginal swelling and itching?

18 I see what you did there. And I did not like It one bit!

The comments on this FML are so bad...

I know right... Especially the 48th one...

Oh well I tried. I found it to be quite punny and funny. (is punny a word)

Link5794 18

That's Scott to be uncomfortable.

Im also allergic to certain types of tp, they use harsh chemicals to make the tp dissolve better in the drain. Its not only the cheap stuff either. Try white cloud tp from walmart. Its hypo allergenic!

That's probably just your itchy vagina, too.

OP, are you sure you didnt confuse Clorox wipes for being the toilet paper? lol

I didn't mean comments in reply to this comment, specifically I meant comments 2-5, because while I was here half of them were hidden from having above -10 votes. People seem to have changed their mind and now like them. Sorry for confusion

Probably gardinella. Toilet paper isn't going to make your vagina stink unless its dirty and used. Nice try ya dirty bitch.

or a stinky vagina???

"Or a stinky vagina" what? Finish your goddamn sentence/question. I hate sentence fragments. -_-

Lol someone needs to scrub the shit outa that stinky pussy

59 - I just hate it when

When what??? The suspense is killing me....

78- You accidentally the rest of

86 - I can almost

This reminds me of

Ha, I bet you all drove 59 crazy (:

Such a pain in the ass when

102, you ruined the

That moment when

A cccccombo breaker appears?

Banana phone!

Why must you guys always

Sentence fragments are so

But then I took an arrow

And threw it across a fence because there is NO way I'm getting hit in the knee again. Surgery bills are getting expensive.

Then I got a banana and

If only all the women could use toilet paper as an excuse, the world would be a better place

Lol 101 thats right. She knows that this itch came from those five guys in the parking lot.

175 - 5 is the magical number, if it was 4 no irritation, but 5........... : /

Guess your boyfriend's not as Charmin as you thought

I see what you did there... I dislike those commercials, they try to make the whole whiping your ass proccess cute

Whipping your ass with Charmin?

33, you're the laziest troll I've met by far.

Oh Scott is letting you down.

32 charmin toilet paper

77 - really? I thought it was a dog?

Primary use; toilet paper. Secondary use; pain removal/smoothing rough wooden surfaces.

Unless you buy the good tp, and to that, i say the extra $ is worth it.

Hmm, 120 grit toilet paper?

More like 40 grit.

C'mere, I'll take care of that itch for ya...

Lol good one

Creeper alert is tingling...

In top 5 creepiest FML comments.

Innuendo only really works when what you're saying makes sense...

What the hell is he using? Angel Soft?

Blue waffle...

It also sucks for your boyfriend.

Could be worse!

Judging from the thumbs down I guess not lol