By space_cadet90818 - United States
Today, I woke up with one of the worst migraines I've had in months. My mother (who thinks I'm a hypochondriac) began to scream at me about "making up an illness". When I asked for my meds, she called me an addict and dumped my $300 prescription down the sink. FML
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  lemonyfresh  |  0

Water supply for who? If you mean human drinking water, then the water that goes down the drain gets filtered again in a water treatment plant before it goes back into the public supply. Unless you think you drink the water being drained directly from someone else's sink? that's disgusting

  powermad80  |  2

Work up the energy and anger to yell at her, and give her the meanest punch and kick in the face. And when she yells at you to take her to the hospital because you broke her face, tell her to stop being such a drama queen and get over it.

  beachlova910  |  0

that's sux.. u know what u shuold do though is give her a magrine yourself. give her a good punch in the face. then when she needs those meds to ease the pain...she goes to take one from the bottle, but no all of them are gone because she poured it down the drain..suck that bitch!!!!:)

  melodyrose331  |  2

omg i have terrible migranes too. i'm so sorry for you. she's lucky she doesn't have me for a daughter, i'd've punched her and ripped the sink off the wall to get to the magic pills. but then i'm a huge b*tch when i am in pain...

By  mkylem  |  0

No, she's not. I've seen her online before and she tells people how to live their lives and that using black-lights is better than glow-in-the-dark condoms, which is safer.