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Today, I woke up with horrible pain in my gut. It got worse and worse, and I started vomiting from the pain. My mom said it was flu and that I needed to "man up." It turned out to be appendicitis, and I'm now typing this from my hospital bed. FML
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Be lucky you're not telling us this beyond the grave with and epitaph reading: "I told you it wasn't the flu!" on your tombstone.

Praying for you, OP. hope a speedy recovery is in your future!


Praying for you, OP. hope a speedy recovery is in your future!

kidsgotastinky 11

But what's praying gonna do?

I second that. I'm sorry, original poster, that your mom wouldn't take you seriously. That's such a serious thing. I was puking so hard the ER the other day that I passed out from it. It's sad how people don't take illnesses seriously. God Speed, Original Poster :-)!

OP, I hope you get better. Appendicitis can suck. When you get better you should give your mom a hard time and be on a good road to recovery.

That's harsh of your mother to say that… I hope you feel better soon, OP!

idek( i dont even know) what OP means on fml

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You're probably joking but appendicitis can be deadly if left unchecked. There's not much "manning" up you can do if you're dead.

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his appendix swelled up painfully pushing against his other organs than burst causing unbelievable pain to his insides. have you ever been driven to vomit in pain? no, now shut your mouth

You're an idiot. Appendicitis can kill you. Damn people these days.

Be lucky you're not telling us this beyond the grave with and epitaph reading: "I told you it wasn't the flu!" on your tombstone.

The best part is that it wouldn't have been the flu anyway!

It's only your appendix, man up op! It's not even a vital organ!

It was sarcasm. I know you can die from it, my cousin almost did.

My mothers appendix ruptured and she didn't go to the hospital until she almost couldn't walk. Her appendix was being strangle by the remains of itself.

Laurenluvz 11

We can't read sarcasm over the Internet as well as you may think, 4. But sorry to hear that it got pretty serious. At least things worked out well I assume.

A ruptured appendix can kill you because of infection, internal bleeding, or from plain pain. Sarcasm isn't cool to use on this topic and you can't tell sarcasm over the internet.

expertsmilee 26

Ya, you toooooootally can't tell sarcasm over the internet

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you can die from that fucktard

Thank God you're ok. Get well and make sure give your mom a hard time about that ;)

Have the doctor tell her how "manning up" isn't an actual prescription

I don't know. I've survived a lot from my parents prescribing either man up or walk it off. Though appendicitis is a bit more severe.

I have a similar story of how I had an appendicitis, for 8 months. Everyone thought I hated my teacher...

CharresBarkrey 15

You would be dead. Once it bursts, it will kill you without surgery.

@29 My mom had a burst appendix for 2 1/2weeks before having surgery and she survived without complications.

CharresBarkrey 15

You would become septic. I doubt it had actually burst 2 and a half weeks before.

LilFlutter 10

@29 - Sometimes, the appendix can become encapsulated after rupturing and the person can live for many months with it like that, possibly not even knowing the pain is from their appendix. It happened to a family member of mine. I think she thought she had stones, but we were all shocked to hear it was her appendix after all those months!

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Hope you are okay and have a speedy recovery! :) At least you got to the hospital eventually!

olpally 32

Ouch! I had appendicitis too. I was in the hospital for 9 days... Hope your recovery is quicker than mine op! Your mom is a beeyotch.

blakesinthelake 11

My mom and step sister both got appendicitis two weeks ago. Such a weird coincidence.

If she ever has another child, tell her to man up when she's going into labor.