By squishy - Canada
Today, I woke up with a ridiculous hangover and no memory of last night. I called my friend who told me that I was so trashed I ended up eating all the hamburgers and chicken fingers in her fridge. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. FML
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  saviisneat  |  0

Actually it's very harmful. If you don't eat meat for many years of your life, you can get VERY sick from it. It's like a foreign object in your body and it fights against it.

Personally, I love meat.

But this person deserved it because they got so smashed they had the munchies for things that make noise ;)

  ravinderkaler  |  0

Stop hating on vegetarians. None of your arguments make any sense. Nothing defending vegetarianism makes sense, nothing opposing it makes sense. It's a personal decision, leave it to the individual. Sheesh, stop fighting over the Internet, its pointless.

  mystomachurts  |  3

I just don't believe this.. I think your friend was fucking with you. Ive been a vegetarian for 10 years and no matter how drunk I am, I have no interest in eating meat. When you decide you don't like something, you don't like something.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

46, perhaps OP actually does like meat? I know some wacko veggies who love meat but suddenly decide to get on a high horse and be all "DUN KILL DA AMINALS!!!11" and refuse to eat it... but still love it. Wackos, I know.

38 is right though. After you stop eating something (particularly a specific food group) for a very, very long time (years), it may be a shock to your system if you eat a ton of it. OP, you'd have more than a hangover if that were true.


Well, at least you can't remember whether or not it tasted good! If you had a memory of it tasting fantastic, you'd want to eat more.

See? Silver lining. :] Don't get trashed around meat in the future.

[Boo, this wasn't supposed to be a reply. But yeah, I hear that there are animal by-products in some alcohol, but not most.]

By  guitardedman  |  0

oh no the vegetarian king is going to kick you out of his kingdom for eating some animals!!
big fucking deal. you're probably gonna feel like complete shit physically for introducing things into your diet in mass quantities that you've never eaten before.
if you feel at all bad about yourself emotionally, then you might be an idiot. get over it, you were drunk, and it happened. you can't undo anything, and there is no point dwelling on it.

go dry your eyes while i eat more of your precious little animals.