By izaya - 05/07/2015 16:26 - United States - Muskogee

Today, I woke up with a electric dog collar on my neck. I wouldn't have noticed it until my stepfather turned the collar to the highest intensity just to wake me up. FML
I agree, your life sucks 27 025
You deserved it 2 101

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You should probably talk to someone, notably the cops.

That's assault...


You might need to get a new alarm Can I recommend this one I have Sonic Bomb SBB500SS

Here is a U.S. Link

^^actually #1 I think (s)he needs to get a new step-dad.

Can anybody fill us in on what #1 said? It's already been moderated.

what was his reason of doing.that, seek some help op.

Regardless of the reason, it's still illegal.

Some role model he is

That's assault...

Why did you remove the battery?

So that it wouldn't shock more people silly 90.

Don't worry op, it was just a joke.

"Joke" or not, that is not appropriate.

If someone punched you in the gut, would you find it a joke as well?

Haha yeah, such a joke, here #9 have some acid in your face in the morning, haha what a wake up call amirite? Such funny jokes here, ha fucking ha.

You should probably talk to someone, notably the cops.

That must have been a shock