By MrMagicMan000 - 25/08/2009 06:47 - United States

Today, I woke up to the sounds of birds singing, the smell of butter pancakes in the air and thought to myself "Wow, today is going to be great day. I can feel it!" Excited, I jumped out of my bed and threw open the door to see my 58 year old mother doing her morning stretches in the nude. FML
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dude, thats gross...

Some people find their grandpa..


so you smelled her buttermilk flapjack titties? was the breakfast good at least?

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i moderated this one! first succcesful mod!!

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I would go back into bed and try again the next day.

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My thoughts exactly.

you live with your mum?

that wasn't pancakes u were smelling and 91 the op is probably a teenager

dude, thats gross...

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So would it have been better if it was your hot, supple, 35 year old mom?

Hahaha, good point. :)

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stfu. cunt

Some people find their grandpa..


I recommend ritualistic samurai suicide. DIE WITH HONOR


WHAT !? SINCE WHEN ? You disappoint me.


why are you still living with your mom? I am 29 and my mom is not yet 58, so how old are you? maybe you deserved to see her tragically naked since you still live at home and must be at least 18!

your comment doesn't make sense, because it depends on when certain parents get together, im not 29 yet (not for a few years) and my parents are in their 60s and 70s. Of course, i do have a few older half siblings. age is not the issue here, but the visual is. EW.

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How can you assume that? My mom gave birth to me at age 43 so i was only 15 when she was 58.

Some people go to college, asshat. There is no shame in living at home at the age of 18. Just because your parents got rid of you as soon as they could doesn't mean other parents are so heartless.

It could also be that her mom is the one living with him so he can take care of her.

58 year olds don't need looking after.

I dunno......a 58 year old mother who gets up and stretches naked, fully aware that her son is in the house....she's either a huge hippie or crazy.

I'm 20, my mom's 59, and I'm a junior in college. Don't be so quick to assume. And she totally wouldn't care if I was home. I've walked in on her topless multiple times, so much that it really doesn't freak me out anymore.

Hahaha...You Win!

How do you know he lives with his mom? Maybe he was staying over at her house or maybe she was staying over at his.

i meant to reply to number 1...damnit]

did you learn the word "asshat" at college? Money well spent....

No, it's learned on the internet. Don't try to act smart and judge others. How childish...

I'm 16 and my mom and dad are both 58. So your point is invalid.

What if she can't afford it?

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lots of people have children pretty late, so 58 isn't really that old if you're the last child

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I'll be 25 when my mom turns 58. So I see what your getting at.

ummm alot of people have parents over the age of 50 and they themself are under the age of 18. I'm 14, and my dads 53. it's really not the point of the FML his age. so lay off.

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I'm 13 my mom is 55

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I'm fourteen, and my mom's 47. My dad's 56. My brother is 20 months!

Okay fuckwits we get the god damn point.

How do you know he's at least 18, dickwad?

I'm 15 and my dad's 65

YDI for living w/ your mom when she's that old.

not an fml, just a bad start to a good breakfast, unless she's 4 or 500 pounds

...I always knew Santa was a pervert.

That's when you scream, "My eyes! They're melting!" And cover them dramatically. Lucky you!