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Your girlfriend is a bloody genius.

She is pure evil!!! Haha. I hope you won't get any psychological issues from this OP. ;-)


She is pure evil!!! Haha. I hope you won't get any psychological issues from this OP. ;-)

He's also going to get 1 million views on youtube

Is it bad that i sorta want to see his reaction on video?

53 - you'll see it when it becomes viral on YouTube

Honestly, if I had woken up to a prank like that- there would be real blood.

Im guessing that it wont be on youtube. Unless his junk isnt visible in the video.

53, I'm in the same boat with you!

As I was reading, I kept expecting OP's girlfriend to be like "now you know how it feels to bleed from the genitals! Make a period joke now! Mwuhahaha" for some reason.

I remember the first time I had fake blood on my junk. Good times..

Good times? What kind of shit are you into?

same shit I'm into most likely...

some people like it freaky. I don't mind a little entertainment in the bed sometimes. :)

But #20 you have to deal with that shit every month!

30- I assume they meant phobophillia- arousal from being scared, or possibly blood play.

Your girlfriend is a bloody genius.

did you come up with that all by yourself lool

That would be creepy to wake up to.

I think that's the point of the FML...

Yep, I was just agreeing that would be freaky.

I would've been scared more thinking I had a period, but that's me.

What? Men can have periods too??

Hell nah we better not!!! If not I'm late af!!!

I'm sorry but I just don't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die.

56, Women eventually die too...

He means during the time of the period. Its a joke from a comedian but I forget which one.

Manstration of course.

@#98 it's a reference from the South Park movie.

The reaction was probably worth it.

yep, that's why she recorded it!

That's just plain evil & cruel. ):

it was a joke, chill! lol

It was a joke, yes, and I would laugh about it later on... after my heart attack...

Evil genius!!!! Evil evil evil!!! I'd have nightmares if that happened to me!

You have a penis?

Now I am somewhat of a jokester myself, however, this doesn't seem funny. It's more twisted than anything....