By Anonymous - 09/11/2009 20:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I woke up to find my garage broken into and my car covered in paint and with the words "F*** you". Why? I broke up with my ex because she cheated on me and stole money off me and my mom. Apparently this wasn't a good enough excuse to break her up with her. FML
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Call the cops, seriously.


Shes fucking dangerous and get a restarining order if she keeps harassing you. Thank God you broke up she could have hurt you. What if you were home?


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#1 and #2 fail at life. Sounds like revenge is in order. Also, I hope you checked to see if she stole anything from the garage. Edit: I did not click the reply button. What the heck?

Course you didnt....... YOU FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN + 5 O and THIRDE!!!!!

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Come on do you think he was expecting that when he broke up with her? :|

I don't agree that YDI--she sounds completely f'ing bananas-- but this comment (36) is full of win.

this FML screams "drug addict"

-hello police I would like to sue my ex for destruction of property and breaking and entering-

1st! awwwww :(

First? Hardly. How do you feel about this failure?


Shes fucking dangerous and get a restarining order if she keeps harassing you. Thank God you broke up she could have hurt you. What if you were home?

If he was home, I reckon the raving bitch would had gotten a broken jaw for her trouble.


yes I know I spelt "Restraining" wrong I am working on homework and had the keyboard in front my textbook which is also in front of me, so its not exactly easy. :-/

His car was in the garage... I'm deducing that he was home - otherwise he car wouldn't have been there.


Ah "I woke up" which means he was sleeping, I dont get how you dont hear shit like that happening..

It's really not that hard to believe. She may have broken a window and gotten in that way without making too much noise.

Have her arrested for vandalism.

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Call the cops, seriously.

This. Call the cops and get her psycho ass locked up. Get a restraining order and file against her for what she did.

agree. i usually dont like lawsuits but this is definitely valid

Yes, definitely prosecute her bitchy ass!

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number 4 shut the hell up who cares if theyre first. commenting up top just makes u look like u wanna be up there. op send her ass to court. nuff said


You say that "fucking crazy bitches do what they want but hurt other people in the process make alot of problems in the world" THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS REVENGE?! Revenge is worse. You know how many war wouldnt have happened if someone had the balls to say" Fine you suck, but Oh well." And Getting revenge would help who? What if this crazy fucking bitch gets more apeshit and does worse things, and he does it when does it actually end? besides revenge is a dish best served cold aka COPS!

#1 & #2 obviously care. Who are you to tell #4 to shut up?!? It makes you look like a whining pussy. Take the psycho b!tch to court?!? Ya, that'll go over well with her... NOT!!!

Uh oh, the comment police are here and they brought the WHAAAmbulance along with them! Someone must have called whine one one in here!

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was that meant to be funny? or are you autistic?

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Why would she let you break up with her? She's got a backup date when she can't get laid by a really hot guy, and a sugar daddy AND a sugar granny. Pun intended, but she had it pretty sweet having a pussy-whipped fool like you for a boyfriend and walking ATM.

O.o are u calling the OP hot?

JuniorBSTN 3

Aha thats funny

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i think its now been shown obviouse to everyone y u broke up with her. but seriously OP take her to court! no one is aloud to do that. plus they ca press extra charges seeing as it was expressed in the form of rage from and ex

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Don't worry. Karma will see to her.

I do not recognize this mystic notion of "Karma" you keep on talking about. In the universe where I live, PEOPLE see to people who screw them over. Karma's not a bitch, people are bitches.

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and btw #15 its not only people from the UK who spell it "mum" instead of "mom" people from Canada do too... :-P

Don't forget the gays! Sorry—that was awful—I should keep mum about such things ;)

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i've never done that, or anyone else that i know. must not be a southern ontario thing...

We do? I didn't know that. I'm from Southern Ontario...

I mean, mum would be the correct term, I think, because "mum" originated from "chrysanthemum" (the flower). :)

We say mum in Australia

I think she's just pissed because you broke up with her, not because she thought it was unreasonable.

Captain Obvious was here! :D